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Smelly Cat

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My cat, Mia, who is about a year old (we're not exactly sure) seems to have trouble keeping herself clean. She looks fine--her coat is beautiful and shiny, but about once or twice a week she comes up smelling so bad that I can hardly stand to hold her. It will last for about a day and then go away. She is an indoor cat and we change the litter box regularly. We don't really see her cleaning herself much and wonder if she never learned how. I have given her a bath once and also got those "kitty wipes" at the pet store. Both help for a few days, but the problem comes back. What can I do?
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I think it's just farting. I am being serrious i really think so. I swear I heard Vinny fart and a smell came right after.
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She could have problems with her anal glands (which can become blocked). Some cat's need to have the liquid within the glands expelled, and the vet would be the one to do that.

Here is another thread, from a member with a similar problem:

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I think I will take her to the doctor just to be sure. I know it's not gas because that has an entirely different smell than this. It never occured to me that it could be a medical problem.
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