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Thank you, Lots

He's still a bit skittish but not nearly as bad as he was. When do cats become adults anyway? Bentley is 3 years old now and I was wondering if that means he's out of the kitten stages.
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It varies from cat to cat, but by age three most of mine had mellowed considerably. So, I would probably consider him a young adult.
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You did really well at melting this cat's reserve with you. I know how hard it is to ignore such lovely creatures, but it is the best way for them to relax around you and understand that they can trust you because you don't *want* anything from them. Avoiding looking in their eyes when they consider you a bit of a threat will further relax them, and it sounds like you and Bentley have traveled a great distance in record time.

I would encourage you if you do play with him with toys, make sure the toys are visible, not under blankets being held by you, or Bent will begin to feel like fingers and toes are interactive play toys and start to bite them whenever they are displayed.

You did a great job! Keep it up-
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Thank you, Hissy

Bentley and I still have our moments but we seem to have found some balance. I really believe, after listening to the many queries and answers here, that I wasn't knowledgable enough for Bentley. It has been so nice finding a place that truly cares about and has the experience with felines to offer solid advice. I am forever in debt to The CatSite. Since I've come here and asked the questions I have things have been completely different with Bentley and I owe all of you a great debt.
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I just thought of a 'game' we play with Jeeps that doesn't involve a lot of contact if you feel like trying it with Bentley.

We call it 'fetch the bug' She has a small green fluffy ball that we all call 'bug' and when we throw it for her she runs after it, picks it up and brings it back. We throw it everytime she brings it back. If she gets fed up she'll leave it where it falls signifying playtime is over.

The good thing about this game is when Jeepers wants to play she'll go and get bug and bring it to us. Drop it by the side of whoever she wants to throw it and stare at them until they oblige! Jeepers tells me when she wants to play, either by bringing me bug or refusing to fetch it.
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Your Jeepers is a doll. Jeepers looks like my Penny!!
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Aww..it brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart reading how Bent has progressed.

As for cats growing up? I honestly don't know. Russell is nearly two years and I can't say that he's mellowed out. he still goes nuts at the sight of a rattly mouse and invariably loses it under a piece of furniture. Esper will be one year of age in September and she's still acting like a 12 week old kitten. And she's kitten sized too.
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Bentley was so sweet the other night, he came up to me as I was sitting up in my new bed and licked my hand. He must have known I was in pain and was trying to comfort me.
Many cats do have this kind of link with their owners. I can still remember my first asthma attack in my new house. I was all alone, I didn't have my neighbors to come help anymore. My cat jumped up in my lap, put her paws on my chest, started licking my nose and stared into my eyes. Extremely weird for a cat to do. Staring into her eyes helped me gain control of my panic, which helped the inhaler to work.

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