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Got heat?

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This is Opie's new favorite sleeping spot. The past few nights have been down in the 30s and our furnace works very well but, Opie wants to be VERY warm. You can just barely see the heating vent, behind him.
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Hah hah!

Very funny. Our cats like the tub (the pipes are always hot) and we have a hot spot in the foyer as well.

But your cat has the double-whammy. It's high AND it's warm.
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What a smart boy!! Yes, I recognized that 'very warm' syndrome. My kitties all cluster around the heating vents (floor) when the heater comes on, butts facing the vents so it doesn't blow in their faces.

I agree with Scott, yours has the bonus!
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Triple bonus really - the dogs can't slurp him up there either! Opie is a smart kitty.
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Smart kittty! More heat for him less for the rest of you!
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Awww cute
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Smart & Cute? That's Opie!
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My sisters cat Sasha sleep directly on the floor vents! =9
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LOL.I have a few kitties that like to stay on top of my cabinets just like that,only I don't have vents up there,I guess they just like it because it is up high.
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Very smart boy!
He also has one extra bonus, he has a nice overwiev over the household! My kitties sit on top of the tv cabinet and the book shelf, and used to sit on top of the kitchen cabinets when I was working in the kitchen, untill whe changes them to be all the way up to the cieling (the cabinets that is, not the kittys )
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I've been noticing lately that my foster cat will either lay or sit in front of the vent with his back to it. At first I thought it was just so he could watch the outdoors (sliding glass door is there), but the other night I saw him just sitting there staring at nothing in particular. He's also begun laying on top of the stove (gas). I guess there must be some heat from the pilot light.
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you know you love your cats when you let them sleep on the heating vents while the rest of the house gets freezing cold!
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Hi Lynx. Toby is very gorgeous and i was wondering what type of cat
thank you
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