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TGIF Daily Thread!

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Happy Friday to you all!

The party I went to last night was fun. It was more of a holiday dinner. Everything was very good!

Today I have to get motivated so I'm going to turn my computer off and get my butt moving! I'll let ya know how it went later!
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Is it really friday? Yay!

Have not really sat down yet, just bustled around getting things done. Now I feel like I need to sleep But I won't.

Well, I was planning on going to Starbucks, but the plan changed so I will have to settle with coffee I made at home which is just as good, except I dont have vanilla syrup - does anyone know where I can buy some?

The computer desk is nice and tidy now, yay!

I hope everyone has a super wonderful day!

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Today is a very good day. My boss just went out an bought me an executive chair since my back has been giving me such trouble. He just wanted me to be as comfy at my desk as possiable, that way he can get more work out of me... I have got to admit that I like working for him very much so that is okay that he has another motive for buying it

Hope everyone has a great Friday! TGIF!
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Since I have to work tomorrow, I'm off today. The sun finally came out, after an all-night rain. I went to Mom's and got my birthday present - Russell Stover's finest. Brewster, the Great Dane, decided that he just HAD to give me a birthday kiss. Yuck!

As long as I was on that end of town, I popped into the Super Wal-Mart. I should not be allowed in there, unchaperoned. They DID have the red baby shoes, that I've been looking for and I could not resist two cute little outfits. Showing amazing restaint, I passed on the little purple sneakers (maybe for their first birthday).

I'm going to laze away the rest of the day and try to finish shaking this cold.

These should get the twins off, on the right foot:
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What cute shoes Cindy!
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Awww Cindy those shoes are darling!

I'm up after hitting snooze on the alarm for one hour!

I'm about to head off out with family for the weekend. See you all tomorrow night!

Have a lovely weekend!
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Ah Cindy - they look like little ruby slippers (are you in Oz?) LOL.

TGIF indeed!! We had our Christmas potluck lunch and I am sitting here in total food coma this afternoon. There must have been a couple of thousand cookies (seriously), ham, turkey, pasta, salads, breads, cakes, pies, brownies, etc, etc. It covered a table about 6 foot wide and 20 feet long. I brought my spaghetti sauce over penne pasta noodles (the sauce recipe is in the TCS cookbook under Lasagna).

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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Well, I was planning on going to Starbucks, but the plan changed so I will have to settle with coffee I made at home which is just as good, except I dont have vanilla syrup - does anyone know where I can buy some?
I think you can usually buy it right at the coffee shops, and maybe at the grocery store, too. If your Starbucks doesn't sell it, I bet they can tell you who does.

Made it through another week, and it looks like I am going to be seriously busy at work next week. So this weekend I need to get myself motivated to get all the presents wrapped, and the house completely cleaned - NEXT weekend (the 20th?) my MIL & SIL will be here to stay, and I don't think I'll have much time to get ready during next week. So if you guys see me on here too much this weekend, please send some guilt my way!!

I don't feel like cleaning tonight, so I think I will throw in a movie and wrap presents. I actually like wrapping presents, so should be a fun evening.

I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend!!
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I have a sore throat today waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Got back from school awhile ago, and I'll be off to the gym in a couple of hours. Got lots to study too!

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The picture doesn't show it but, one pair are glittery "ruby slippers". They didn't have two pairs, in the right size, so I bought a patent-leather pair. With red dresses, that I bought, these will be SO cute!
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Well, another snow storm on the way. Got 4 inches two days ago, about 6-8 tonight.

Looks like I will have a lot of computer time. It is BURRRRR cold here.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend.

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Hi everyone,
Not much going on here. John and i had marriage counselling this AM and things are going great I'm just working on dinner while John works 3-11 pm tonite.
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Happy Friday all! I thought being out of school for the holidays would mean more time on here, but I have been keeping busy at work and here at home! My gosh...just so much to do and get ready for for Christmas! Zack and I are about to make Frito Pie's (YUMMY!) and go see The Cat in The Hat! I loved the previews. I think I am coming down with whatever he had last week: body aches, headache and I am VERY tired. Mittens is nursing me right now though. Have a good evening ya'll!! Hope to be on more this weekend...but have a baby shower and Christmas party to go to tomorrow night as long as my body holds up!
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hi not much has gone on today.. Well Roxy has finally started using the indoor litter box so I don't need to let him out as much. I visited with a friend for a while and then my other friend was supposed to take me to dinner, but I guess getting drunk on a thurs night and having to go to work friday morning was too much for him so he backed out.. So now just sitting here. I started writing a screenplay (lol i know) because of how much extra time i have on my hands now that I am no longer part of a "couple." My family went to this dinner theater thing I was supposed to goto tonite but without a date it wouldn't have been any fun. Well I guess neither is sitting here but at least no one will stare at me and wonder why I am alone lol! Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be more interesting, I'm supposed to do some christmas shopping and then either go out with the girls or maybe go out with a new guy I'm talking to..

Everyone have a great night
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