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A prayer for all

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I'm not sure if I'll get flamed for doing this but I sure do wish everybody would put in a prayer or two in their own faith and hopefully things get better for one and other...

Here goes...

Almighty Father,

I am down on my knees today to offer a prayer to all my friends on the catsite forum. This whole year has been a trying year for many of us. I pray that things will get better for those of us who are having a hard time getting through with life. I pray that all of us would spend christmas with our loved ones, our kitties and all that matters to us. I also pray for those that are looking for employment will get a good job the coming year, those that are heart broken will have their hearts healed by your angels, those fellow forummers who are caring for ferals will have kind souls to help them out. I pray that the coming year would be one which all of us would have less problems and that our one big family would be closer with more sharing of our lives, our tears and happiness.

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray,
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Peace, to one and all.


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Oh Heavenly Father I want to give thanks for all the wonderful things you have done for each and every one here on TCS . For all the blessings you have given us and the needs you taking care of . The protection you have given us through each day . I also thank you for the health we and all our animals have .
I pray that you will continue to lead us through each and every day . To keep us all save at all times and please all our kitties ,dogs , horse or any other animals we may have too . Please keep us and all our animals healthy . And for those who may fight any kind of illnes I pray that you may lay your healing hand on them and heal them , human or animals . Give those who have to make decitions in their life directions . I pray for the one's who are looking for jobs that you will provide a great paying job with good benefits to take care of all their needs they have . I also pray that you give them hope who are hopeless , peace for those who are in need and comford for those who has lost a loved one . I also pray for those who need you that you will reveal yourself to them . My prayers also go to the feral , stray and abused cats/dogs and any other animal , that you may reach out to them and provide homes and care for the homeless , stop the abuse and heal their wounds so they will forget the pain and suffering they had and start trusting again in the homes you provide . I also pray for those people who hate animals that you give them a change of heart . May you bless TCS and all the people and animals here . Thank you for all the things you will do for each and every single one in here . I pray this in JESUS Mighty Name . AMEN
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I give an AMEN to Hedi's prayers and to Kateang's prayer
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This is a BEAUTIFUL thread...and if anyone flames it...they should be ashamed of themselves! We all have the right to express our religious beliefs here...and as you said, different faiths are also welcome to add their own prayers or encouraging thoughts here...noone is trying to push anything on anyone. Thank you so much for this thread...the prayers have touched my heart, and although I am not so good with words...I will add one of my own...

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for the friends I have made here on thecatsite. I know you led me to this place to meet many of these wonderful people. Thank you Lord for accepting me the way that I am, with all my faults, and loving me anyway. I pray you will give all my friends here strength and comfort in their lives, with whatever problems they are dealing with. Show them your love and never leave them. Help the ferals tonight who are hungry and need them the way to food. Give them warmth and comfort. Thank you for saving me. I love you and I love all my friends here.
In your most precious name, Amen.
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I, too think this is a lovely thread, in keeping with the time of year, a holy one for many faiths.
Amen to all your lovely prayers, and may they come true for all of us.
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Yes, I think sometimes we forget that the whole reason behind Christmas is to celebrate Christ's birth...Christmas is Jesus's birthday!!!! Even if you don't believe in Jesus...which is your choice, and noone is saying you are wrong, but you still have to agree that Christmas was originally started to celebrate Christ's has been commercialized to death, and Santa has become more of a symbol for it than Christ himself...but if you read your was created to celebrate Christ's birth.
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AMEN Debby and amen to what you said too .
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Chelle...I may be wrong...but aren't you the one who used to have "Jesus is the reason for the season" in your signature? I was meaning to tell you I liked it...but I see it is gone now. Anyway...I liked it!
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I'm glad this thread is finally getting going...I sure hope this helps in its small little way in our lives.. give us the little pat on the back or a little push that we need in our lives... Happy Holidays everyone!
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I am not good at making prayers, but I want to thank you for you prayers, Kate, Heidi and Debby (and any other prayers that will come...)
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ok.. i dug this out cos i think the new year isn't as good as it has promised to be.. at least for me... so i'm gonna put in another prayer for all and myself too.. hopefully, things will get better.. and may i invite all to put in a prayer in your own faith for all of us here...

Almighty Father,

I pray to you again tonight for all my fellow friends on the forum. Life has been tough for the past one year Father and I hope that we have been walking on the destined path that You have chosen for us and that may we have Your grace to carry on walking on that destined path. Father, to walk your path is not an easy road. it comes with lots of hurdles which some of us might trip upon but Father, I pray that all of us here would have the strength to pick ourselves up and continue the path. May we gather strength from your Word and your enlightenment to know more about You and this path that You have chosen for us, Father.Father, I pray that you have mercy on those that have had a hard time during the past one year, pray that those who are looking for employment gets a job which they fancy, those that have been hurt would heal with your words and those who wish to learn more about you would grow in their learnings. Lastly Father, I pray for myself and those around me that we will find good jobs and excel in things that we do and that wounds would be healed and we will no longer be haunted by shadows of the past.

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray,
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