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My cat is peeing on my bed :(

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I know exactly why he is doing this. The only times he pees on the bed is, when we have a guest over, or if we were away for extended periods of time.

Well, my cat has become anorexic due to his cancer, and we have been force feeding him through a syringe. He does not enjoy this one bit. As a matter of fact, he is hiding from us now. But I know we must do this or else he might suffer liver failure, amongst other more seroius ailments.

In the last 24 hours, he has peed on 1 futon, and 2 comforters. Once while I was sleeping. How can you get mad at such a cute creature, but boy am I flustered

I don't know how to make the feeding more enjoyable, he does not eat on his own at all! He doesn't even eat treats anymore. I am going to get him fluids today from the doc, so that I can administer that also.
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It is probably not a behavior issue, but because of the cancer that this cat is peeing on familiar things that you have sat on. When a sick cat is stressed, if he goes to an object with your scent on it, and pees on it, it soothes him down. It's like therapy to him. I would get this guy into the vet when you can and have him checked over. His tube feedings sound like they are stressing him out and a stressed cat (especially with cancer) can become sicker. You have to ask yourself about his quality of life in the moment, and not worry about yours.
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thanks, I did not realize this was soothing to them, I thought it was a vendetta

I am seriously considering his quality of life now. I'm going to take him to the vet this afternoon.

We'll see how it goes.
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I hope he's still doing OK. I know quality of life is a serious consideration, and am grateful that you are considering that.

One of my cats used to pee on the bed, too - after ruling out health problems, I started using the Feliway plug-in and spraying Feliway spray on the bed, which seemed to help a lot (along with adding another litterbox to the household just for her). If you know a situation is coming up that might inspire a bed-peeing episode, another preventive is to put a waterproof tarp on the bed - if he does pee on it, at least it won't soak in! Keep other soft & appealing items (baskets of laundry, comforters, etc.-except of course for a soft bed for him) out of reach during these times. Also, make sure he has a low-sided cat box that's nearby, and easy for him to climb into. He might be having a hard time getting onto the toilet every time he needs to go.
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Just got back from the vet, blood test shows he is doing ok. Below average, but ok. I will be giving him fluids through IV whenever needed. He just got some fluids, and he is visibly better.

Thanks for all your help He has peed on my stuff before, so I'm not too concerned. My g/f has a 40% discount at the dry cleaners, so 2 comforters for 25 bucks!! Score!

Thanks for all your support, it really means a lot. Take care.
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Hang in there Mentos.
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Good luck to your your cat and you guys. I feel sympathsize for you and empathize with your pet. I certainly wouldn't want the cancer of course, so...poor little guy. I applaud you for taking your cat to the vet and making sure that your pet isn't being neglected.
Oh, what part of Washington State are you from? Although I currently live 1/2 from Tampa, FL...I grew up in Olympia, WA. My sister and parents and grandparents are all Husky fans
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As you can see, I'm a die hard Cougar fan... so boo huskies

I went to school in Pullman, and am currently in the tri-cities.
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Do I put the Vanilla on both cats, or just the 1 that went to the vet? Also, the base of the tail, is that closes to his butt? I would like for them to get along again.... thanks
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