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Reggae's acting funny

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Yesterday morning she got her 2nd distempter shot and rabies shot. She was acting sleepy and not very playful, but I thought that would be normal for the remainder of yesterday - (BTW she also got a cast off for a dislocated tibia). But then again this morning she wasn't playful at all, she follows me from room to room normally playing with any and everything she can find. You know, a regular busy body. But today she just hid under the bed, when I was getting dressed... layed on the floor as I got ready in the bathroom and when I went to the den, she just layed on the floor and went to sleep (usually she'll jump into my lap and try to read what's on the screen ) Is there something wrong with my baby? This isn't her normal behavior. Is she feeling bad from the shots or what?
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She's probably feeling bad because of the shots. Can you check her temp.? I know one member here her cat was acting the same way and had to be rushed back to the vet for fluids etc because she had a reaction to the shots.

Is she eating drinking pooping etc?
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Yes, she's still eating, drinking and pooping. I checked the litter box this morning. How long will she be moving in slow motion like this?
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well, if she is not better by tomorrow morning I would call your vet - just in case.

I am sure she'll be fine - some cats just take longer to get over shots others it does not affect at all.

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also depends on if they used the live virus or the dead virus in the shot. The live virus tends to cause problems for the animals once injected-
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live and dead virus? what is the difference and which one is better?
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