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Board magic coming your way Sue.
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Sending board magic your way Sue!

And a lot of cat cuddles and head bonks! And cat licks from Esper. She's insisting...licking my arm at the moment. Just watch out for the tree...it's become the cats' favourite place.

Good luck in job hunting.
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Sending you prayers, hoping you will get the job soon!
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Sue- I'm sending job vibes now as well, I hope things start to improve FAST!

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I agree with Kass - this is one year I am going to be very happy to say good-bye to!

Lots of good vibes headed your way from Northern NJ, Sue! I hope you have luck finding a new job you LOVE real soon - and here's to a MUCH better 2004!!!!!!!

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I have 3 interviews scheduled this week. One is tomorrow, for a company I've already done a preliminary phone interview for. The other two are on Friday, one in the AM and one in the afternoon. Both the one tomorrow and the Friday AM one are for a significant increase in salary! Please keep me in your thoughts, if you would. I really want and need a new job!!!
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OF COURSE !!! Major Get the Job you want vibes coming your way!
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Sue , I will be praying hard for you to get the better job
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Better job vibes for IL coming right up!!
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Sorry to hear of your trials. Please be brave and try to think positive thoughts. I am new here but I could feel your pain in your cry for support. I am sending good vibes to you from Indiana. I am always disturbed at Holiday time too. Hang in there it will soon be over.
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