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OMG! It's 10 Degrees BELOW Zero...

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this morning!!!! YUCK!!!! I don't want to go outside!!!
I really wish this cold artic air would stay in the ARTIC were it belongs!!!!!!!

I hope everyone else is enjoying better weather!
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Oh dear! Your post just made me think of my sister who recently moved to Quebec and the temp over there is colder. She emailed me that she can't move with all the winter clothing and her skin and hair feel like they've frozen and if she suddenly slips and falls she will crack and break into pieces.
I'm here in the tropics. Temp is about upper 70's/lower 80's.I certainly don't envy you or my sister.
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It's cold here in the UK, and pouring with rain!.

I have a regimental ball this evening, and it's the sort of weather where i just want to curl up with Rosie on my lap, a glass of wine,and the T.V.!!!

But in 2 weeks time, i'll be lovely and warm in the canaries for a week!

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Were at 7 below here...UGH! too cold
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OMG Lorie! You better grab some cats and start snuggling!

That is way too cold. It's 38 here and tolerable, going into the mod 40's. Thank god the rain has stopped, we got 3 and a half inches of rain plus the foot of snow melted. It is very wet around here, especially in my basement.
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Brrrrrr this is to cold for me I would be a Ice block . I am sure glad I live here in georgia .
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Hedi, how about you bottle some of that Georgia Sunshine and send some to the rest of us!

I hate winter. Every year, I complain about the weather and swear that one day, I will live somewhere where it never goes below 50 degrees.
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Ick! It was 15 degrees here overnight......I thought that was bad until I heard you were 25 degrees colder! *shiver*

Sounds like some cat snuggling is in order for ya!!
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Sue I sure would send you some if that would be posible
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Momofmany and Sue, Snowball was snuggling with me last night, and it was soooo nice! I'm really looking forward to snuggling with him again later today!
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I woke up to it being -10 yesterday too, and wouldn't you know it, my furnace had crapped out during the night Thankfully its fixed now....I don't much like winter
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Our overnight low was 38 and it rained. Around 10 a.m., it was actually warm and sunny but, by noon the clouds and cold were back.

The mountains are socked in and its snowing up there. The highway is closed to non-residents and residents without 4WD aren't being allowed up, either.
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