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Good News, Bad News..

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Yesterday I took my baby to a vet and the good news is (for all that remember about my whining) that he turned out to be quite a decent fellow and very near my place.
So this issue has been settled once and for all, which cannot but make me happy.
The bad news is, however, that Eric turned out to have mycosis (is this correct???). The doctor prescribed pills and a solution and we're going back in ten days so that he can see how it is going. Eric is a strictly indoor kiutty but the doctor said that we might have brough them with our clothes and shoes, etc.
I already bought the solution but I still have difficulties finding the pills as he needs only 20 mg a day and all they have are 200 mg pills.
Please any of your that have had experience with such diseases - your posts will be warmly welcomed (sp?)!!!!
I know that this is very difficult to get rid of and moreover I'm a bit scared that I might get it too. I've already been though this with a previous kitty - he got well really quickly but it took me two years to get rid of the eczema (sp???). Well that only comes as a proof how imperfect we humans are in comparison with our feline friends.
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Is that a fungal infection ? I have found that there is a pretty nasty mycosis type, which I'm sure is not what you are not talking about.
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Dodo, yes it seems to be a kind of fungal infection, I wasn't sure about the correct word. I have already complained in a thread about him pulling out hair but yesterday he had two bald patches on his back and we immediately took him to a vet. Do you know anything mor eabout such diseases????
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Sorry Hun I don't know anything about this either, but just to let you know my thoughts are with you and Eric, Im sure all will work out fine

Keep us informed.............

(Im going to see if I can do a little research on it for you, if I find anything out I'll let you know!)
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Ok, I couldn't really find a whole lot about it (not that I could understand anyway! )

But what I could work out said it was the animal version of Dermatitis (sp?!) and that sometimes it can be linked with worms (mainly Ringworm)

So all I can suggest is maybe to worm Eric too and see if it helps at all??!!! (Gee's I wish I knew what I was on about!! :laughing: )

Hmmm sorry thats all I can offer - Lame I know!! - (Just call me crappy vet wannabe!! :LOL: )

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Billie did they tell you what form of Mycosis he has? I might be able to give you more info if I knew. What meds do they have him on and what trests did they do?
Bodlover, Ringworm is not an actual worm or parasite. It is a fungal infection of the skin. They call it ringworm because a classic symptom is hair loss and a rash in the shape of a ring. It is very similar to athletes foot in humans. Dermatitis is just a word for any inflamaatory process in the skin.
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No tests were carried out Sandie - I don't know if you remember how I complained about Bulgarian vets but that's that. I guess only if an animal is dying they'll get to carrying out tests.
The doctor seemed quite nice and knowledgeable though and yesterday I went to ask him what are we supposed to do about the pills because it seems that 20 mg pills of the ones he prescribed are not imported in Bulgaria.
He said his skin was OK and indeed it does not look irritated - just the fur falls off all time. He has no rashes or anything. As for the medicines I don't know if they have the same name in the States but the solution is called Batrafen.
Thanks for all your understanding you are
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I found out that mycosis is a general term for fungal infection & mostly is a zoonotic disease meaning that it can spread from animal to human...It might be caused by many different organims, which may all require different medications...Are vets trustable in Bulgaria ?? Because most vets in Turkey aren't & as far as I know Bulgaria is a much less developed country than TR ?! (I don't mean anything bad. Of course there are always exceptions)..But are they %100 sure that it's a fungal infection & do you really trust them??

When the fungal infection is only in a small area, topical medication is used whereas oral medication is used for larger areas & systemic, more serious cases. Because fungi are eukaryotic living things as humans & animals are (not like bacteria; they are prokaryotic) the medication (especially oral one) taken for fungal infections interfere with our cell membranes, too. Therefore they may have severe side effects including damage to kidneys & nerves...So, if your cat actually doesn't have a fungal infection, it could be really bad to give him those pills ??

Maybe I'm being too paranoid ??
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Gee's what a lot of advice!! - Told you I was a "crappy Vet"!!! :laughing: Next time I'll leave it to the pro's I think!!

Thanks for setting me straight guys, I did know Ringworm wasn't actually a worm, but I still got it wrong!! doh!!

Oh well, good job all you edumacated people are out there!!

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I have often complained about Bulgarian vets but this one seems to be much better than any others I've dealt with.
He said we'd better not risk giving Eric any pills as they had severe side effects. He said he was sure. However, being the that I am I thought I didn't want to give him the pills and thank God I won't be giving them. I hope the solution works though.
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