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Bags, Boxes & Ironing Boards

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Just a few pictures of my silly kitties today.

A bag of Peaches!

Jake-n-the-box. I can't believe Jake got his big ole self in this little tiny box!

And last but not least, Hallie making herself comfy on the ironing board. Right on top of my freshly pressed blazer I was going to wear to the party!

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Your babies are so adorable! Nothing better in life than bags, boxes and something tall to sit upon!!
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Yea those boxes again and the irion board , they always love those wonderfull places . Great shots of your babies , caught in the act Jake is so cute in that box .
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That does look like a pretty tight fit for Jake in the box! LOL

And of course Hallie laid on your freshly pressed blazer. She didn't want you to go, and if you did have to go she didn't want you to forget her.

The bag of Peaches is so cute. Wish my supermarket carried Peaches like that!
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But where is Henrietta?

I love that bag of Peaches!

That is the cutest Jake-in-the-box I've ever saw.

Hallie just thought she could help press that blazer with cat heat.
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Originally posted by Nora
But where is Henrietta?
Henrietta and Carmella were both hiding. They don't have as many photographic moments!
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LOL That's adorable.
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Awww, they are all just precious! Jake is so cute in the box.
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Lovely shots! Jake-in-the-box is a hoot.
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Those pictures of Jake in the box are too funny. Why is it, that the biggest cats what to get themselves into the tiniest places? By the way, all of your cats are just beautiful.
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I don't know why they want to get in the smallest boxes/places! You should see Jake stand next to the box though. It's hillarious because it's tiny compared to him. You can't really tell how tiny with him in it!
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Great pics!! There's my fluff muffins fix for today
OMG, those shots of Jake in that box are just hilarious. He looks so pleased with himself in that last shot!
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Thanks. Yeah, Jake always looks pleased with himself. He's a preener for sure!

I guess I need to take some more of Hallie. I keep trying to get her with her eyes wide open but it's hard to catch her! She sees the camera coming and squints, I swear!
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