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The boss's wife

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Last Monday, I attended an informal luncheon at my boss's house. His wife is a nice lady but a little of a show off (IMO). Anyway, she overheard me talking about my cats and perhaps to let herself be heard she commented that cats are the animals she disliked the most. Her reason was because when she was a child she was SCRATCHED and BITTEN by one. In response I said that a cat will not attack a person (unlike a bad trained dog) unless the person was hurting it. She smiled but looked at me like I was accusing her of cruelty to animals.(Maybe subconsciously I was).
I was correct right about the scratching and biting?
Hopefully, this won't cost me my job!
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Yayi, I've moved your thread to behavior. I think someone there can answer your question w/ more knowledge than in the lounge. Thanks!
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Some cats bite and scratch as part of their aggression. Peedoodle bites because he was declawed and he is an aggressive cat (and becoming less so, thank goodness)
Cats can attack people without being provoked. There is an article by lotsocats here about different kinds of aggression.

I hope this helps.
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The Sammycat will attack me when I am walking away or down the hallway because he is po'd about not getting a treat when he wants it The little pig I have had him on a diet now for about 6 months and his aggression towards me at times is rather severe because I want give in.

All I ever do is turn around and tell him to "stop it" most of the time this works and I don't have to say anything else to him. On other occassions I have to give him a time out by putting him in the bathroom for a few minutes.

It is very hard to tell what his triggers are since he doesn't have a tail and he is so black it is hard to see his eyes at times. I have begun to reconize that he stands kind of sideways when this aggression starts so I will walk away before it gets full blown. Shredded ankles is not fun!
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Wheter you were right or not, it was completly bad manners for her to comment like she did - she couldn't have expected you just to sit there and smile?? Hopefully your boss won't hold this against you (he shouldn't if he is a good boss).
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Well, with my experience with cats, they've scratched or bitten me because of over stimulation. Too much petting and attention and it overloads the system, and they bite or scratch, usually both.

They can also lash out when they are injured. I still remember the bite that Russell gave me as I was moving him to the cat carrier after he sprained his left rear leg. rolleyes:

And if they've got any reason to not trust you and you trap them with no escape, then yes, they may decide to swat at you while hissing and growling just to make sure you know that they are not happy.

And if you happen to abuse a cat, then you deserve everything the cat has to offer. I have accidentally stepped on Russell's tail many times. And each time he has hissed and ran away. I don't think any animal willingly stays around to be abused. You have to detain them in some manner.

For what you said, it was a fair comment. It wasn't malicious. It was based on your experience which is going to be different from others. Though, for her to say that and given that she heard you talking about cats, she was most likely looking for a reaction from you. Or just making it clear that she doesn't like cats. That's fine, as long as se recognises the fact that not everyone in the world shares her views. I make that point crystal clear to anyone who says they don't like cats. Needless to say, I never invite them to my place and if they're ever at the doorstep needing to speak to someone, then that is where they stay. At the doorstep, outside. I never risk an incident happening.

I don't think you can lose your job for it. You didn't insult anyone.
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