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Welcome our new moderators!

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Please welcome our two new house cats Hissy (moderating the SOS and ferals forums) and Dawn91 (co-moderating in the lounge)!

Thank you both for joining our team! I know you'll do a great job!
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Welcome o Moderator ones! hee hee!! Im sure you'll do a fine job!!

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Well I'm more than positive that Hissy and Dawn will do a great job!!! Congrats and welcome!!! I'm proud of you!!!
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Congrats to both. You'll do an excellent job. Anne, if you need another moderator, keep me in mind, please.

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To Hissy and Dawnt91; I am so happy to see boh your names' as moderators. Congatulations to you both!

You will both make a valuable addition to this site. Thank you for accepting this responsibility. :jarswim:

I will second what BodLover said, "Hail to Thee, O Moderator Ones!"
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That's great news! Congratulations, Hissy and Dawn! Here it comes:

I know you'll both help maintain an atmosphere of moderation here! Or something akin to that. Best wishes and good luck!

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Congratulations, Hissy and Dawn! Yoou two will make great moderators.

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Congratulations to you both!! I know you will do a super job!!
Dawn, I sure needed some help keeping up with the lounge, now that Blue isn't helping moderate it, so I am sure we will make a great team!
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My pleasure Debby! I'm excited to be "working" with you (although it's more fun than work!).
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