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Is Angel sick, stressed or both?

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To pick up where Angel left off:
After capturing Angel, I took him to a rescue non-profit which had arrangments with a local vet. He was supposed to get "the works" and be ready the next day. This alone would be stressful enough but the aid place was too busy to get him to the vet on time the next day so it was an extra trip. Then the second day the vet was too busy so they left him there overnight. Sometime the third day he got checked out and fixed and I picked him up that night. He hadn't gotten his shots so they had to do it the shelter.

I put him in a spare bathroom and put the pet carrier in the bathtub w/ the door open. The first few of days I pretty much left him alone - just going in to clean the box and put in fresh food 2x/day. Angel would sit in the back of the cage and glower at me and give a little hiss if I got near the opening. He would hop out of the tub shortly after I left and eat & drink and seemed pretty relaxed.

About Tuesday eve he hadn't eaten most of his food. Thinking maybe he had decided he didn't like my other cat's senior food I got a different brand of adult food in multiple flavor varieties. I started trying to get him a little more used to me by putting the food near the carrier and sitting on the other side of bathroom while talking to him. He would just in the carrier and glower at me.
He even didn't eat after I left and in the past few days Angel has hardly touched his food and yesterday didn't even use his litter box.

Last night I tried to entice Angel with some lunch meat. It seemed a half-hearted effort but he ate one little piece of meat. While usually he stood in the back of the carrier today he was lying in the middle and seemed kind of listless. I tried to coax him with lunchmeat and food but he only hissed. Than Angel started gagging and threw up but he didn't seem to be in ongoing distress. I changed the blanket but had to leave for work.

Tonight the food hadn't been touched but he had hopped out of the tub to at least use the litter boxes to poop and pee. It also looks like he threw up some greenish stuff (bile?) on the carpet. I put in fresh food and water and we'll see what happens. He was also standing in the back of the carrier again. Hopefully these are signs of an improvement.

Does it sound like maybe he picked up something at the vets? Or is he just suffering from cumulative stress overload? I know you're all not vets but any advice would be appreciated.

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The lack of eating for several days would concern me, kitties can't live off their fat the way humans can, instead they can quickly develop a condition called hepatic lipidosis. Now...that's the worst, but yes, if Angel really hasn't eaten, and it's been more than 2 days, that's long enough for me, and I'd be taking Angel in to the vets. Better safe than sorry.
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I would take Angel to the vet , that don't sound right to me . If he has eaten the first few days and now stops eating is always a sign that there is something wrong with the cat . Please go with him to the vet .
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The green bile and the lack of food is a great concern. Please find a good vet near you that preferably only does small animals. Warn them ahead of time that Angel is feral and you are working with the cat.
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went to the vet 1st thing this morning. Tested positive for hook worms. They also did some blood work for liver & kidney functioning which were ok but the white blood cell count was really low. Doctor was concerned about possibility of Feline Aids but since tested neg. a week ago he says it could also be the result of a viral infection such as intestinal. I hope this is what it is.

Doc gave him some dewormer, antibiotics and IV fluids. Sent me home with some antibiotics I'm supposed to somehow give a semi-feral kitty with an eye dropper. By myself. Hope this won't make mistrust me forever.

Tonight when I got home from work there was lots of diarhea next to the litter box and a vomit slick on the floor. At least was able to not do this in his carrier/hidey place. Hopefully it happened this morning and is the last of it. Poor is not to get any food tonight and only a little water. I can try feeding him a little in the morning. If he is still not better I have to take him back in.

Please say a little prayer for
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Ohhh poor baby . I am glad you went to the vet with Angel and got meds . I sure will say a prayer for Angel
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I'm glad you took Angel in to the vet. Sending lots of healthy energy out to the little guy, poor baby!
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Poor little critter. I hope he starts feeling better soon. Keep us updated.
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Last night there was some bloody stools which could have been the result of the hookworms and the treatment. Unfortunately, this morning there was a large amount of bloody liquid around the litter box. Poor was so depressed I could even touch his feet as he lay in the carrier. I took him back to the vets as soon as they opened.

The vet confirmed my fear that probably had feline panleukopenia (FPV) based on the symptoms along with the extremely low (0.8) white blood cell count from yesterday. He put on an IV, game him antibiotics and put him in isolation.

If you're not familiar with FPV you should do a google search on feline + FPV or panleukopenia as it is a truly scary disease. It is easily vaccinated against but of course, many ferals haven't been (yet.) I can't help but wonder if picked up FPV at the 1st vets when he was fixed. Makes me worry that I'm partly responsible for his predicament. On the other hand, to not have rescued him would most likely have been fatal as well.

On the bright side, when the vet told his assistant to get out of the cage he said he was "out of it." However, the assistant got a good hiss and jumped pretty high . Hopefully this means poor little is a fighter at heart. When I called back this afternoon they told me the fluids were helping and was doing better. The vet will call me tomorrow (Sunday) morning to let me know how things are going.

Your thoughts and prayers are truly appreciated.
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I will keep your in my thoughts and prayers, and hope this kitty realizes what a wonderful home is waiting for him to be happy and healthy in,
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I am so sorry you had to bring Angel back to the vet .
I sure will say a prayer for Angel
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Try not to blame yourself for the FPV. Angel may have picked it up before you rescued him. Even if he did pick it up from the first vet you took him too, it is still not your fault.

What I'm trying to say is that your actions are all in the well being of Angel. You don't mean to harm him and in time he will know this. It sounds like he's healing and starting to improve.

Angel is lucky to have crossed your path.

I'll be keeping you and Angel in my thoughts.
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I am keeping Angel in my thoughts as well.
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Any more news?
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The first time I saw he was romping in a sunlit field pouncing at little critters I could not see from a distance. Or, perhaps, even imaginary butterflies. At first I thought he might be a bobcat because his tail was so big. It was only when he got closer that I realized it was a poor, starved, scraggly kitty.

Now, once again is free to romp in sunlit fields somewhere far away and chase imaginary butterflies. Although he never even had a chance to become a part of this household, he is very much missed and his loss is deeply mourned.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Angel was lucky to have met you.

You showed him that love and caring do exist in this cruel world of ours. He will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge to meet you again one day.

When you feel that you are ready, click on the link. It is to a thread in Crossing the Bridge, a section on this forum provided for anyone who loses a companion. I hope that it provides some comfort for you.

Rainbow Bridge
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I am so sorry that this noble feral could not be saved. I will move this thread to Crossing the Bridge so others may honor his short life.
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss, RIP Angel. :angel2:
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I am so sorry that Angel didn't make it. He knew your love, he knew that there were kind people in the world who would feed him and not hurt him. That is more than he ever would have known if you hadn't come into his life.
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I'm so sorry to hear this end to the story. Angel was lucky to have had you in his life.
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I'm so sorry abt . He was glad that you were there to care for him.
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