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Kitty vomits after eating

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I wrote earlier on the stool problems. My kitty is going less than normal- and they are hard small round chunks. They were also stuck in her anus sometimes and hard for her to pull out/clean.

Lately she also vomits immidately after eating. I thought it was due to the brand of wet food- but she is back on her favorite and vomitted again! It happens seconds after she eats...only when she eats more than a few nibbles. It doesn't happen all the time either since she usually doesn't scarf and lots of times eats around the wet food to just get the hard food chunks.

Could it be she is just excited/eating too fast and enjoying it? She seems fine otherwise but I know they are hard to read until they get really sick.

SHe is the type to eat weird things so I fear she could have ingestited something from around the house or I've read so much about hair balls building up in the digestive track etc. Has anyone had either of these things happen? What are the signs? She is only 2 so I don't think she could have any diseases??
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If she hasn't been to a vet I would take her, especially in light of our admission that she eats "weird things" She could have something stuck in her throat or obstructing her.It is always better to be safe than sorry.

You can also elevate her food dish and start feeding her very small amounts of canned pumpkin (zapped in the microwave a few seconds) Clip her back fur by her rear end and down her legs, and dust her with cornstarch then brush her clean. Make sure she has plenty of water to drink, as cats who vomit frequently dehydrate fast. She really does need a vet though-
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Thank you...

what does the corn starch do?
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yes, i agree it is always best to consult a vet.
with her bowel movements being hard, she could have hairballs, have you been using hairball remedy?
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Just freshens the fur without having to bathe the cat
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