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happy to be here

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Hi! My name is Rachel and I live in Texas. I have three cats that are my babies. Mia is black with white markings and "shoes". She is my baby and will lay in my arms for hours (that's where she is right now, looking up at me with adoring eyes). Sam is an orange stripe and a little overweight (need to figure out how to put him on a safe diet). He is very dignified. Isabel is the latest edition to my "family". She is white with brown and grey markings and still a kitten. Her favorite activity is to sit on the desk in front of my computer and watch all the pretty pictures and graphics. She will sit there forever, just watching.

My husband and I are house parents at a children's home where we are currently raising eight teenaged boys. My apartment (which is attatched to their house) is my sanctuary where I can sit quietly with my cats and read or sew. We don't have any children of our own, but we might start trying in a year or so. Who knows?

So, my life is wrapped up in my boys, my husband and my cats. I am content.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

P.S. My cats are delighted with the new toy I have brought into the house--the Christmas tree. The problem is, they keep knocking it down (it is only about four feet tall). Is there a way to deter them from the tree? I don't want it to fall on them and I would like to keep it out this season if at all possible. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the board and here you go_

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Welcome to the site Rachel! If you get a chance, we would love to see some pics of Mia, Sam, and Isabel!
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Welcome to the site Rachel! You are truly a brave soul - I mean to be a caretaker for that many teen boys! The world needs more caring people like you and your husband.
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Welcome to this site , it is nice meeting you .
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Those are very lovely descriptions of your family and furrfamily!
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Welcome Rachel and family!
You know, Isabel reminds me of one of my cats when we had an aquarium! She would sit for hours watching the poor fish!
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Welcome Rachel! My nephew and his wife are parents of a large crowd of boys at a Native American school in South Dakota. They love the work and are also animal lovers like all of us.

We'd love to see pictures of your furbabies and your "boys".
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Welcome to TCS to you and your family - both human and furred.

Your kitties sound wonderful.
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Hello Rachel, and welcome to you and your babies and can't wait to see them!.

My baby is a 21 month 'tortie' called Rosie, and her pictures are nearly on disc for everyone to see.

I can relate to the christmas tree also!. Rosie would actually climb up it!!!. There is a spray that you can buy, im from the UK, but i'm sure you would be able to purchase it where you are. You just give a small spray, say onto the tree (never on puss!!), and they won't go anywhere near it!!. It's a citrus smell, and they hate it!!.

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Thank you all for the hints about how to deal with my Christmas tree. I am going to look for the spray that mentioned. And if not, I will try some of the ideas from the article someone else told me about. Thank you for the response and for the warm welcome.

It will be a little while before I have pictures of my kitties because we don't have a digital camera. But, I think we're going to buy one at the first of the year. Then, I can show you my babies!

Thanks to all.
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Welcome to TCS!
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hey Rachel, and welcome to TCS!!
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Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome
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