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What do I do?

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Yesterday, I wrote on here about all of the trouble I had with using ebay and PayPal, but with help I was finally able to figure out how to pay for the item I got on ebay. However, I messed up the mailing address by trying to add my work address as the mailing address, and what happened was I ended up by combining both my home and work address as one, in other wards - it said it was being sent to:
Hope Hacker (my complete home address on the same line as my name)
{then on the next line} my complete work street address
city: my work city, and state Ca

Anyway, I have desperately tried to contact the seller, and she is NOT responding to my emails at all. Today I recieved an email - stating that the item will be mailed out today, with no acknowledgment as to what address she is sending it to. It looked more like a "form" letter, than any real communication with me. I don't know what I can do, to make sure she gets the right address, if she doesn't at least let me know if she got my emails. Personally I don't think she is checking her emails. Is there any way I can reach her? I know she lives in Keystone Heights Florida and I know her home address and her name, but I don't think she is listed in the telephone book. I am desperate, because I will not recieve the item I paid for, if she doesn't have the correct address. She seems pretty irresponsible if she doesn't check her emails. So, it looks like I'm out in the cold.
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I just heard from her. She said she got the address. Now, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.
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Good to hear that Hope!
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boy, i was getting worried for you while i was reading it... gald that things turned out fine...
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