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Thurs thread

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I didn't see any Thurs thread so I thought I'd start one.
Not doing to much today, kind of lost time while being sick and all.
Today is the first time I've felt somewhat human in awhile. I hope this means I'm on the road to recovery as going to work being sick sucks alot!
Hope everyone else is having a great day though!
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Not feeling all that great myself, have had a headache since 7 AM and Excedrin Migraine is not helping. Ugh. And with all the rain and melting snow, the basement flooded and is under about 2" of water. We moved catboxes up to the kitchen while the dry-out commences. Thank god tomorrow is Friday!
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3 of the 4 bosses are out of the office today. That means a really slow day, which is kind of nice since I've been slammed for quite a while.

I can't believe we leave for Chicago in a little more than a week! Where has December gone?? I guess I won't be sending cards out this year, except for some e-cards I think. Haven't gone Christmas shopping, and I don't know that I will. We're, OK I'm trying to save up as much cash as possible so we aren't scrimping on our vacation, but Earl has different plans apparently. So I don't know what we're going to do about that since one of us has zero willpower.

Actually, I am really starting to get a little down about the holidays. I just realized it today. Since we bought the laptop, there are no gifts for us to exchange (maybe one or two), and since we are going out of town when would we do it anyway? There is no tree or other decorations in my house because we are leaving and I don't want to leave something dangerous for the kitties to get into. To top it all off, this is the first year ever that I won't be with my family for Christmas. No Christmas Eve gift exchange, no oyster stew that Dad makes or smoked turkey that my sister does every year. It's really quite sad to me, and even more on top of that - his family doesn't really do much of anything for Christmas. (So tell me again WHY we have to go out there for Christmas????)

Sorry to be such a downer today.
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Heidi I can relate! We decided last night to head to Denver for Christmas, so we won't decorate (same reasons you gave), we're not motivated for cards, and we really don't need anything for Christmas, so not even motivated to shop. The families decided no presents this year. My siblings live in 5 different states and my parents are deceased so no family get-togethers probably for years to come. Yeah....Christmas is getting me down also. I need an attitude adjustment!

So wave at me as you pass through (or over?) the midwest and I'll think of you when I'm in Denver.
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ARG!!! Wouldn't you know it?? You're going to be in my hometown, and I'll be gone!! *sigh* Wish I could be here so I could meet you Amy.
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I hope everyone feels better soon and yes you to Heidi, I hope christmas day will be really special for you!

Well I'm up, people were already mowing their lawns.. OMG before 8am.. Sheesh.

I'm going to the beach today with some friends and then MAYBE to christmas in the park later.. Hmmmmm *sigh*

Hope everyone has a nice FRIDAY!
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Well Sam, people can't revolve around your times to mow their lawns. They do have other things to do.

Its cold, again. When is spring going to come? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Heidi, I can understand how you feel, it is just me and hubby for christmas and we are definitely not in the christmas mood. It will be treated just like any other day. I hope you have a wonderful time in Chicago!

CSI and ER tonight! Woohooo!
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Right now I'm looking at different colleges in my area to see what programs they offer. I will be going back to school in 2004, now I just have to decide what I'm going to take! So far I'm interested in the post-graduate Human Resources program and the Medical Records Technician program. Decisions, decisions...! *lol* I better decide soon since I have to register in less than 3 weeks.

Nakita has started to do something that limits my time on the internet. She will jump up onto the computer table, sit herself down between me and the keyboard and just stare at me! Do you think she's giving me a hint?!?

Heidi, what do you mean NO CARDS!! You better send one my way missy! If I am sending Christmas cards out, which I never did till this year, then you have to! And, at least you get to go away! I'm stuck in my half renovated house and probably will be doing more insulating during Christmas. Oh, that will be fun!
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Kass - good luck with deciding what to do with school! You will do great!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Well Sam, people can't revolve around your times to mow their lawns. They do have other things to do.
Yeah I realise that but it's just a time when everyone in our street is nearly asleep... Gees I was only venting!
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I'm going to a Christmas dinner tonight. I still need to shower, curl my hair and go to the store to get some panty hose. I have to change my plans for what I was going to wear after I hemmed up the pants and blazer even. It looks like crap on me. Very pretty but too bulky, therefore making me look even heavier then I already am! GGrrrrrr!!

Hey! Guess what?? I got my first hits on my website from search engines! I was pretty excited about that! I can't believe how many people keep visiting my website. I get a lot from here and Mewhoo too. And a lot of direct hits.

Getting some stuff from Princess Purr's ebay store I'm pretty pumped for! They're just a couple little christmas gifts for my fur babies! Also getting a smilie neclace from Sicy I'm not sure what I'll do with yet. Maybe I'll send it to my neice.

Ok gotta run and get ready. I'm already behind!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Kass - good luck with deciding what to do with school! You will do great!
Thanks Kiwi!

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Hey guys! I just got back from raiding Nordstrom's lingerie department!!! I wasn't planning on making it a major shopping spree . . . until I saw the velvet collection . . . I checked out and the salesperson asked if I am going on my honeymoon!! The really sad thing is I'm not even married, so it's not like anyone else will actually get to see them . . . Oh, well, I like what I got.

I'm studying for my last final exam . . . French, THANK GOD it's my last one!!! Chemistry and Physics were painful; I'm just glad they're over. I can't wait for the weekend! And next week it's back to work for me . . . I absolutely cannot wait! I'm so burned out on school.
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Well had a usual boring day of school today. Good thing is Im trying out for academic decathlon. I have a headache right now, and I took some naproxen.
Not going to do anything else today.
Thats my entire day!

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Sue I am sorry to read you have 2" water and hope you will get it all out and try . I do like you christmas kittie , it looks cute .

My christmas present arrived today in mail , my hubby got me a sewing maching . I am so trilled about that . Well I will not use it , I am sure Mike will wrap it for christmas . One of my sons present got back ordered , thats not good news . My german friend send me a little something from germany and was in tears when I opened it . 2 little wooden angel to hang and a bayrish style potholder , that is so cute and nice of her . I have never met her in person , only over the internet in a christian chat room 2 years ago . Since then we developed a great friendship together . Mike my husband placed all the mosquito screen on the cat enclosure today , I am so happy about that . I really need to make some new pics of all the new look and all of the enclosure . I never finished laundry yesterday and so did some laundry today , but not finished yet . Oh well , tommorrow is a nother day . I cleaned some of the litter boxes and run out of cat litter , so I went to wal-mart and got some other stuff to what we needet . Finished the litter boxes . Cooked Sheperds Pie today and now I am here and enjoy TCS .

I hope you all have a wonderfull day what is left of it
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Felt halfway human and went to work. Light day, with no jerks calling in. The kid in the next cubicle got all of the wackos and he just started on Monday.

Rowdy and Buddy woke me up, at 6. They were on a rampage. Opie was behaving. He spent the entire night, up on the kitchen cupboards. There is a heater vent there and he lays right up against it. He didn't come down, until the sun shined onto the family room couch.

I'm off tomorrow and have to go to Mom's house and pick up my birthday present. My dad says that its lo-cal. (Yeah, right!) He and I are the family chocoholics.

Its clouding up to rain and there's a chance of snow flurries, in the foothills. Good thing, that I live in midtown. If its snowing up by Mom's house, I'm not going. I have driven in snow ONE time and I've seen how crazy other people are.

I'm going to stuff myself with decongestants and ibuprofen and go to bed early.
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