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Experiencing a Huge Snow Storm

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It snowed all day yesterday and it is still snowing. We have probably 7+ inches of new snow. I had to wait this morning until my neighbor, Harlon, removed the snow from my driveway so that I could get out.

I have to drive around 15 miles to work and it was not a fun ride. The snowplows had been out for the highways, but the turn lanes and side streets are pretty deep with snow. It's coming down so fast, that they are having a hard time keeping up with it.

I can't believe that I was complaining at the beginning of the week that it didn't look like Christmas out there. Believe me, it now looks the picture of Christmas.

Anyone else out there getting snow dumped on them?
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You know I always miss snow in christmas time here in Georgia , but reading your post I sure don't miss snow any more . That is a lot of snow , but I am sure it looks pretty
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I want some snow!! Send some down here to GA!!
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I'll gladly share, Viva! lol
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LOL i'd GLADLY send all of the snow to you in Georgia, but I'm afraid it will have melted by the time it gets there. Worth a try! Actually.. don't laugh.. i was on ebay one day and there was a guy selling canadian snow!!! I couldn't believe it. obviously a silly joke

Hopefully we'll be losing our snow here over the next few days.. it's supposed to be warm & rainy. Today it's supposed to be +5 degrees C, and tomorrow +8! then.. dropping down to a lovely 0degrees on Saturday, so it should make for a slippery mess!
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Yesterday we had first ice then snow on top of it. Nothing like a couple inches of snow covering 1/2 inch of ice! I wish we got straight snow in this area - we always get the ice with it. I never made the 35 mile drive to work and stayed in my jammies all day. This morning we hit 15 degrees F.

I'll gladly send all the snow to Georgia that you can stand, but only if you send the warm weather back my way!!
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Actually, as much as I hate snow, I'll trade you. We had 2 inches of rain that started last night and only stopped an hour ago, plus the foot of snow we had melted in the rain. My basement is once again flooded.
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We still have not had a break from this snow. We must have around 10" by now. You should see my car in the parking lot here at work - only my break lights are showing. I hope I don't have to scrape my windows. Our road crews are very good though, it looks like people are moving right along on the roads outside the office.

I have a party to go to tonight at my friend's beautiful log home, however, she lives in the boonies. It will take me 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to get there and that's if the roads are good.
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How about some pics from all of the snow there ..... hint .... hint
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We got about 10 inches here in MN a couple of days ago - probably the same storm that you're getting now! On the bright side, it's been sunny and beautiful since (but much colder...)
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LOL!!! If anyone down in Georgia wants to experience some genuine cold artic air to go with all that snow, I'd be more than happy to send you some!!!!
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Well the storm is over and today we have beautiful sunshine. We ended up with around 12" of snow. I must say it is beautiful though. The trees are snow covered and gorgeous! It is a cold moring though.
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Nora, I live in MN too, and I agree with Suzy that it sounds like you got the same storm we just had. Are the meterologists(sp?) in your state predicting cold artic air to move into your area after the storm too????

Last night it got down to about -10 degrees, I just looked at my outdoor thermometer and it's "warmed up" to -7 now, yuck!!! Spring can't come soon enough for me!!!
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I live by the sea so I don't even get frost(because of all the salt in the air) nevermind snow. I'd love to have a white Christmas.
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Lori, I think you right about the weather passing this way. It is very cold and frosty.

Jeeperscat, I would love to visit Wales one day. I cannot imagine not having a white Christmas. It really looks like a postcard outside today. It is so beautiful, clean and white. After 12" of snow the snowbanks are really starting to grow.

Last night I was invited to my friends house for a party. Her house is quite a way into the woods. When we got to the County Road that her road goes off of, the trees were so beautiful and the lights of our car was the only lights (no street lamps on County Roads). The snow covered trees on either side of the road were making an archway over the road. It was really magical.
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Got this cartoon today and wanted to share. It started snowing here again this evening and we're expecting 2-4 inches overnight.
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As I am a georgia girl myself living in the deep south we don't see snow much here. We had snow 1 time around christmas which was mostly melted and only showing in the shady spots it sure would be nice to see pictures of snow. Personally I think you can keep the part of the deal though just send pictures.
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Yeah , where are the snow pics
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I'm in Los Angeles, so no snow here, although I'd love to see some snow during the Holidays.
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