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Saki's been losing his teeth and I found one! lol!

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I never really even knew that kittens lost their teeth around 4-5 months until I read it here. Well little Saki has been losing his teeth like crazy I started checking his teeth and a couple weeks ago he was missing a couple of those little tiny tiny teeth and both bottom fangs! (incisors?) Then last week one top fang was missing and the cutest little tooth I have ever seen was growing in So I was like ok.. I'm going to watch for the last fang, it was looking like it was separating from the gum, I wanted to keep a tooth but everyone says you almost never find them, that they either swallow them or their too small to find.

Well tonite I was sitting on my bedroom floor playing with Zoey and there it was!!! I got so excited! (what a nerd!!) and I put it between two pieces of clear tape and stapled it into his vet records binder that I have for him

He's got a mouth full of cute new teeth growin in LOL.

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Cute, Mum...and he just loved having those pics taken, too, I bet!
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I have one of meow meow's and I keep it too in a bottle and keep it in a safe...
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How cute! And look at those new sharp teeth. Hehehe! My husband had found one of Koa's tooth. I saved it in a small ziploc bag. He asked me, "You're actually going to keep it?". Of course! That's my baby.
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When a chap in my office told me of his kitten losing one of her baby teeth, i could'nt wait to see one of Rosies!.

I used to search the floor when i got in from work looking for one, but found nothing.

Then i found her first whisker and old claw!. I was soooo excited!!.

I've got them sellotaped to one of her kitten photographs!.

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I didn't even know they lost teeth! I guess you learn something new everyday and I'll be on the lookout from now on!
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I haven't had a kitten around for so long, I forgot about them losing teeth!

If I tried to take a picture of Simba like that, I'd be losing a finger!
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Awww. I saved Spike's as well. I don't know how I got so lucky, but I found three of his, so I have them all in a teeny-tiny ziplock bag. They're just too cute.
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ROTFL!!!! How sweet is that????? So tell me Sicy, how many people did it take to capture that picture?? LOL!!!!!

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Ok good so I'm not the only crazy mom here! As he was losing teeth I kept wanting to find them but had no luck. I'm happy I got one at least

Kim that's my fiancee holding his mouth open. It took a few tries lol. Saki is a SQUIRMY little guy!!
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Yea it's pretty cute. my vet told me Aiko was "teething" and that's why she bites so much.. i just can't get her to stop! She showed me her new tooth coming in and everyday i would look and one day it was gone! I was so excited for her! She got a visit from the tooth fairy!
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LOL! That's too cute! I'm sure he thought having those pictures taken was as cute as you did, too!
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Very cute! Sicy, did you put the tooth under Saki's pillow for the tooth fairy?
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The tooth fairy came to bring Saki some special treats
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When Max was that young, I didn't know that they lost their baby teeth. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Good work Sicy in finding Saki's tooth.
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I wish I would have noticed that stuff on Simba. He's now 7 months old, so he's probably already got his new adult teeth in.
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Awww, that is too cool, Sicy! I kept a vigilant lookout here, and never got their teeth. One more chance - I'm keeping an eye out for Pixie's.
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Your carpet is WHITE how are you ever going to find a tooth

I'm just glad Saki's teeth are not razor sharp anymore
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Well, I'm still not giving up on maybe getting a tooth!! Yoohoo, Pixie, where are you?
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Lookit how funny His bottom teeth are bigger than the top. He looks like snagglepuss
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