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food and stool questions

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My cat Scotch is roughly 9 months old - although we aren't sure because I got him as a stray. He still eats kitten food, however he is a healthy 9 pounds already. He is not overweight, just a big orange tom cat... However he almost always has runny stools, which smell unbelievably bad. I have tried Purina kitten chow, and a less expensive brand, but neither makes a difference. I also feed him wet food every few days, but it doesn't change due to that either. Should he be eating regular cat food? He also has problems with hairballs, but most brands of food made for that are against use in kittens. Any tips??
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first off, has he been to the vet? there could be a medical issue.

If he checks out ok, I would switch him to a more quality food, like Nutro Natural. And if you do switch him, do it gradually, adding the new food a little at a time over the course of a week. that might help.
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I kept Rosie on kitten food until she turned one.
I used to feed her on the wet food, and i found her stools smelt awfull!!.

Then i was advised to switch to the dry, and its the best thing i ever did!!. She does'nt smell and its so easy to scoop out the litter tray.

The food i give rosie is IAMS, and i get the one for 'Hairballs'.
Another tip i was given for hairballs, is to spread a little butter onto their front paws to lick!!. With the hairball control food and the butter tip, she's only had 2 small hairballs since i got her(21 moth ago).

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Sounds a lot like the problems we had with Max when he was a kitty. I would also suggest a vet visit to rule out anything obvious and then an upgrade to a food without by-products or corn. Max has done great on such foods.
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My cats had terribly stinky (and slightly runny) stools on Purina food (kitten, adult or special formulas). They are now on Science Diet and I don't have that problem anymore. Since I have a mix of kittens and adult cats, I keep a mixture of SD Kitten Formula mixed with Maintenance in some food bowls (where the kittens like to eat), and others with just Maintenance (where the adults like to eat).

If you switch foods, do it gradually (over a month). They often get diarreha if switched too fast.

I suggest a trip to the vet - he could have worms or other intestinal problems that only a vet can detect.
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