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Cat show this weekend

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Hey, East Coast cat site members - AACE is having a cat show in Middletown Connecticut August 4 and 5 at the Elks Club from 10 am to 5 pm. Helping Paws will be there with raffles, domestic and purebred cats up for adoption, there will be vendors with cat stuff (tees and sweatshirts and cat furniture and stuff), wonderful cats being shown and a real cat lover's day! All the Helping Paws volunteers will be showing their cats (and some of the rescued Turkish Angoras that are up for adoption) and it should prove to be an all around fun day. Take a ride and come and visit us!
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As you know, I won't be there in person but in spirit but you sure do know that I'm not that far away from the cell phone. If possible, can you tell me how my Sugar does. This weekend is going to be a killer for me. I know that Merlot will do great but I can't wait to hear how Sugar acts at the show. When you get home, there is no rest until you give me details. For anyone going, you will have a wonderful time.

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Rene; Is Imagyne judging this weekend? I wish I could join all of you. I think it would be a hoot to get to know every one first hand. Someday I hope to meet up with all of you at a Cat Show Weekend. We could probably get special rates at Motel 6 for the "Feline Senile"!
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Good luck with the cat show! Back when I began the profession of journalism, I worked on weekends and cat shows were a staple of our coverage! It was amazing to be in the presence of so many cats, as in those days I'd not yet kept any felines. I didn't know what to make of them all; and I'm sure the feeling was mutual!


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Ferris and I are looking forward to the cat show!
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Sorry to inform you but Imagyne will not be judging as he's only a training judge at this time. The training takes about a year to complete but I'm sure he'll be clerking somewhere at the show. I'm sure there will be details at the end of the weekend unless I hear from the gang at the show and if so, I'll post the excitment.

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Actually Frannie, While I am a training judge, as is Rene, we are able to judge Household pet rings and NBC class. Rene and I have done 1 each HHP for AACE.

Although I will not judge household pets at this show, I will be there Clerking on Saturday (Both Rene and I are registered clerks) and I will be completing one of my prerequisite 10 color class assignments on sunday with a judge (Rene is doing hers Saturday and clerking on Sunday)

Sandie and I will be bringing Sammy (our Grand Champion Munchkin), Rhiann (our Kitten class Munchkin, a Sandkats cat)by the way, the owners of her sister will also be there showing her against Rhiann (that ought to be interesting), Tinkerbell, one of our Domestic treasure entries, and Finally, Antarctica our domestic treasure kitten entry, who is also Sugars sister..Another interesting match up

If your in the area, please do come,it's a great time!!!

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I can't wait for this weekend. I love going to Cat Shows! Frannie you will definately be missed! I am showing my cats Billy in Household pet, Madison in Alter and my new baby Nicolas in purebred kitten. This is his first show. Tiggeytoes, I am looking forward to meeting you!
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I am also looking forward to the show as I will be a "clerk in training". I will also be showing MooShoo. I'm on a roll now that's he's reached a title of Regal. Can anyone tell me what the next title is, and how many points he needs to reach it?

Frannie, you will definitely be missed. But I hope to see you in September in NJ.

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Donna; I and My 6 =^.".^='s want to say, "Good Luck, MooShoo!" :pinky:
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I got the directions to the cat show....but I don`t know what time to be there. Can anyone help me out? I am looking forward to meeting you, too Michelle.
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If you're showing check in is between 8:30 and 9:30 am both days.
If not then the show will start at 10:00 am both days until 5:00pm
Glad to see you're comming!!

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Thank you for the information, Ken. Ferris and I will see you on Saturday
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I am totally crazy - my husband and I are showing ten cats! Our wonderful white household pet Milo, also household pets Cupid (he is a munchkin but a bit too heavy to be shown in purebred), Tweedle (he is a brown tabby and an American Curl whose ears never curled), Leon Rey(my longhair red tabby rescue from Puerto Rico - his name means Lion King in Spanish and Myst, my reverse smoke Household Pet Kitten. I am also showing Frannie's white kitten Sugar (who will be up against her sister Antartica and my Myst). In purebred I- am showing my champion Abysinnian Merlot, my altered Oriental Beta and two of our Turkish Angora rescues Bobitt, a pure white (was Babette but he is a she and we had no time to change the name) and Contessa, a black and white - they are both in the altered class. We will also have about 16 cats up for adoption - I am clerking and doing a handling class under my counselor on Saturday and my husband will clerk the next day - that means we have a lot of cats for one person to show so we will be looking for help from our friends!

One of the most fun times of the show is after the first day when we all go out to dinner and have a few drinks - talk and catch up with all our New Jersey, Florida friends (and Las Vegas when she is there)- that makes a great weekend even better! I will not be on line tonight so I will see everyone at setup tomorrow except Donna who has to work!
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Sure, make me feel guilty. You forgot to tell them I'll be working a 13 1/2 hour day. You know I'm always happy to help out. But I will also be busy learning how to clerk and chauffering the judges to and from the airport. Not to mention showing MooShoo.

I'm sure Michele and the rest of the crew will be happy to help out.

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