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separation anxiety

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My 4 month old kitten, Maggie, stayed at my parents for the weekend. She's stayed there before but I've always been with her. She's typically just as active there as she is our own home. Anyways, I picked her up on Sunday and she was very docile and there was zero activity. She is a very active cat normally--borderline wild at times! My mom and dad said she was that way all weekend. Very affectionate, very sleepy and extremely lethargic.

She's been back home with me for almost 4 days and is only now showing signs of her "normal" self. It makes me feel good to know she missed me, but is there a way to help her transition better? She's a riot and definitely the love of my life! I want what's best for her. Thanks for any suggestions!!
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If it really was seperation anxiety, then really the only thing you can do is give it time. Cats are pretty particular about things. You may try leaving her a shirt that you have worn or something. It could have been something medical too. Did she eat the same things and drink the same water? When we take the cats places for a short period of time, we bottle the water from home and make sure we pack their food. There may have even been something she got into. Keep and eye on her and see if she's getting back to 100%.
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