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What's your favorite Christmas movie?

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What is your favorite Christmas movie? Mine is Christmas Vacation...

(I'm sure I missed some good ones in the poll, so please take it easy on me! )
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i love christmas vacation too
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A Christmas Story. We always watch that on TNT's 24 Hours of A Christmas Story. Of course, we also have it on DVD.
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Rudolph!!! I think I was five years old when I first bawled my eyes out to "There's Always Tomorrow" and "Island of Misfit Toys".
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i really have 2 i like about the same, A Christmas Story and Its a Wonderful Life, one is funny and one is a classic, i guess thats a good mix
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My favorite two-
The Nightmare Before Christmas
A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim-the ultimate version of this story.
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Again... I like and watched some of the movies in the poll. But I gotta go with a
Charlie Brown Christmas this time.
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Originally posted by sandra
Again... I like and watched some of the movies in the poll. But I gotta go with a
Charlie Brown Christmas this time.
Yup, me too !
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I first saw "A Christmas Story" 2 years ago and I loved it!

I saw a latest pic of that guy who played that boy and wow, he is cute!
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I love them all but really like both versions of The Grinch!
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A Christmas Story - we have this movie,it's funny
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I love Christmas Vacation too but my fav has to be Christmas Story, hands down!
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National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!
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Scrooged! I love the ghost of christmas present!
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Scrooged! Funny stuff!
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grandma got run over by a reindeer
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I love them all too.. but my favorite is

Can't believe it wasn't listed.. especially how this is a CAT site!!! LOL
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I have to say first its Its A Wonderful Life. I have to admit its me and my mom's movie. We try to watch it every christmas when its on TV. I think I'm going to get it on DVD for her this year.

Scroged is also a really good one I enjoy. A Christmas Carol is one of my all time fave Christmas stories.
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I picked Scrooged, but I also love The Santa Clause, and a Christmas Story almost as much.
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I like alot of the movies on the poll, I picked the Grinch since my favorite wasn't there.

My all-time favorite is Three Godfathers with John Wayne.

PS Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was on here two nights ago...I love this time of year.
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I have no idea what my favourite film is called. I saw it in German and they always change or translate the titles of films even when it’s not necessary.

Anyway – it’s the one where Santa works in a department store, gets arrested and ends up in court, accused of not being the real Santa because “Santa†doesn’t exist. There’s an old black and white version too.
It’s a lovely film.

Anyone know what it’s called?
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Mine is "other" (no option for this). My fave is Mickey Mouse Christmas
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I love Christmas Vacation! Zack's family has a tradition that they watch it every Christmas Eve. Man, I knew they were the family right for me when I learned of this!!! I hear they are coming out with Christmas Vacation 2, but I doubt it will top the first one
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I have actually seen very few of those, but only heard of them, but I just LOVE It´s a wonderful life.
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i think my favorite christmas movie is "a christmas story".
but i also like "a nightmare before christmas"
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I watched Christmas Vacation last night. It was not nearly as good as I remembered.

I voted for 34th street, but my favorite is really Christmas in Connecticut (1945).
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A Christmas Carol - Muppets version.

It's able to draw children in and while they enjoy it, learn that Christmas is about giving and goodwill towards all.

Have never heard of Christmas Story. It sounds like a good movie so a trip to the video store may be in order.

Funny how we still call it a video store even if all we hire are DVDs.
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