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Worms in vomit

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Gross,but true. I have eight cats and one of them (I don't know which one), is vomiting up worms. There is a tiny bit of vomit and a few longish,cotton looking,beige in colour worms.What the hecks happening? I have the vets with my 3, 11 week old babies tomorrow and will explain the problem.Has any one out there come across this before? And, what was it?
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Your cat has an investation of roundworms and needs medication from the vet pronto! Medication from the vet which will result in a couple of treatments for them. DO NOT use over the counter meds on this. It is quite common when the gut is full of roundworms for the cat to vomit them up, and yes it is gross. Make sure your cats stay well hydrated with plenty of fresh water- dribble tuna juice into their water bowl, and get them to the vet soon.
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I am not sure , but it could be tapeworm or maybe heartworm . But it sounds like tapeworm to me . I am sure some one knows for sure .
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My bad , I guess it is round worm . Sorry
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Hedi tapes come out the other end, or lay on the cat's fur- heartworms stay in the heart and the main arteries and are determined by blood work, although the cat will vomit and cough when they have heartworms they are unable to expel them that way. It's to bad they can't either, because there really is no known drug to cure heartworms in cats so far.
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When I was reading up on worms after Zoey's little wormy ordeal, I read that if tapeworms are bad enough they can vomit those too. Not sure how true that is as I've only seen tapeworms come out of that other end
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oh me
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Sicy , thats what I thought I read some place too . But maybe i was wrong too . But my cats never had any round worms , praise God so I did not know .

M.A. I did read up some of heartworm and it is sad that there is no cure for that . I had a Cornish Rex die from heartworm and had no clue he had it . It was very heart breaking for me 3 years ago . But was not sure any more if you could cauph them up . But thank you for the info , I learn here on TCS a lot .
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Well I stand corrected then. Thankfully the only worms my cats have ever heaved up were roundworms. The small rice like segments you sometimes see on the cat's rear end actually contain tapeworm eggs. My vet told me long ago that the worms fight like the dickens to stay inside knowing once they are exposed to air and discovered, they will die.
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Luna had roundworms once. I felt so sorry for her, she was sitting there one day and hacking ( I immediately thought hairball) but no, it ws a yummy amount of worms! i freaked and called the vet (after freaking here of course!) and they told me to bring her in and gave me soem meds to give to her so the worms would die off. thankfully they did and now she's my little lover girl!
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The babies went to the vets today to have their 2nd vaccinations.I also told the vet about the worms.He gave me Drontal tablets to give them all and hopefully the worms will be gone soon.I hate wriggly things.
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