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Can someone help me with Ebay & PayPal, please?

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I went on PayPal, and found an item I wanted to buy. I figured I could do it now, that I have PayPal, and it fact I got an email, saying I had purchased the item. However, I don't think I've paid for it yet, because, I couldn't figure out how to make the payment go to PayPal. Apparently I have to do so, or the seller won't get the payment. I said it's too confusing, and it is. How do you know if you've paid for an item? How do you know how to get PayPal to send the payment to the seller? What good is PayPal, if the payment doesn't go automatically to the seller the way it did for the cookbook? I don't want to lose the item, so how to I make sure I pay for it thru PayPal?
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Dont you mean you went through ebay and found an item you want to buy?

You cant actually buy items on Paypal.. but you pay for ebay items with paypal.

In ebay after you win the item you just click 'pay now' and it will take you to your paypal account and walk you through the payment steps.

You can also go to 'my ebay' on ebay and see the list of items you are bidding on/need to pay for and pay for them through there.
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should the vendor not be able to confirm if you have paid or not - just send them a personal note saying sorry - you have had a brainstorm and cannot recall if you have paid or not. If they are honest and say yes- magic - if they say no and in fact you have - they will owe you some money.
Maybe get hold direct of paypal??
I tend to send cash from here as dont use a c/card anymore.

Hope it helps

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Sometimes there is a buy now botton Sicy and maybe thats what Hope did .
Hope you will get in your email a notification how to buy and /or that you have payed the idem . So no need to worry
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No, I went to ebay, clicked on "Buy Now", and it took me to the Venders page, and the Vender said they accepted payments using PayPal, so I clicked on PayPal and it gave me a page that said to sign up for PayPal, then I selected Log In, and from there it went to my PayPal page, and the only transaction on it, was the money I paid for the Cook book on here. I don't know how authorize the payment. I recieved an email from Ebay saying that I purchased the item using "Pay Now". However, I don't know if the payment worked or not. How do I know? Nothing was clear, nothing was explained, and there is no one to ask?
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You should receive an email 'receipt for your payment' if you paid for it.

Go to "my ebay" at the top of ebays pages, go to "bidding/watching" and check to see if your item is there, and if there is a button next to it that says "pay now" then you click on it, and it should take you to your paypal account and walk you through the steps to pay.
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Also, if you already paid for it, it will show up in your paypal under account overview.
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You also will get a info that you have paid the idem in your email .

The other day I got something from PrincessPurr on the buy now botton . Well I went ahead and payed right away . So there come the first email saying what I got from ebay . The next emai said you can pay for the item by paypall . Then the the next one was the comfirmation that I have payed the idem . I hope this helps you
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did you go back to the item and see if there's a button that says "checkout" or something? Also, in the email was there a link to "pay now"? THere's several ways to pay now.. The way you know if you sent payment is on your paypal activity page it would say something like "payment to" and then the name of the recipient under the account overview section that comes up after you sign in to paypal. If it doesn't you didn't pay for it (and I don't think you did, to do so you need to go through a couple pages in which you verify that you are making a payment).
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ok first off calm down, this is very easy once you get the hang of it, we will go through it the hardway if we have to

1. Go to ebay and they the sellers email
2. Go back to paypal and log in
3. Click on send payment
4. Input the amount (including shipping) that you agreed on.
5. In the subject put the ebay item number
6. In the additional comments put a description of the item you won, explain you are paying for xxx item.
7 Make sure your adress is filled in and click send money.

You will now get an email saying you paid him. If you need more help I am on msn tonight under the email

EDIT: Just because it says you paid with "buy now" doesn't mean you have paid yet, that just means you won the auction using the "buy now" feature on ebay.
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She shouldnt have to do all that. Pay pal should do it for her if she clicks on Pay Now from the ebay item.
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Well, I don't think I made the payment then, because the PayPal page only has the Cats of Israel payment. Nothing else. I just can't figure out how to pay it. I should have never tried to mess with Ebay. It's too hard. Nothing easy about it.
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Hope I have a feeling you didnt even bid on it/buy it. If you just went to the seller's auction page and clicked on paypal, that is not making a payment. You have to click on a gray button on the page that says 'Buy it now' THEN you pay after that.
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Can you post the link of the item? Then I can walk you through it.
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Hmm actually you did say that ebay sent you an email saying you purchased the item. In that email though you should be able to pay for it as well, and also from your 'my ebay' page. Did you look for that page yet?? It's really easy once you get the hang of it.
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It really is easy once you do it 1 or 2 times. Follow the steps and it'll work out, if you still have problems you can PM me or msn me.
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Slipstream- I tried what you said to do. That pretty much worked, but I screwed things up, that's for sure. I wanted to an another mailing address, because it's easier to recieve packages at my work address. It ended up with both addresses as the address. This is THE LAST TIME I'm ever going to mess with Ebay. It is too hard, and too confusing. Do you think if I email the person, I can clear up the address situation?
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If you email them and explain that your new to paypal and ebay and you want it shipped to your work address whcih is xxx then they will do so.

Don't let a negative experience ruin the fun and convenience of ebay and paypal. You should see it as a challenge not an obstical.
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Hope I would try that if I were you . Go send that person a email and see what happens
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I will try to write the seller. I don't think I'll do it again. There is nothing fun about it. It's way too hard - way too complicated and who knows if that seller even looks at their email. I am freaking out here. This kind of stuff is for someone who can understand things without help, and I have ADD which makes it too hard for me.
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I'm sorry hope

Email the seller.. they will respond.
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Hope don't give up just now . If I can do it , for sure every body can . I am the pc dumb bell , really . Then some words I still don't understand all the meanings in english . So if I can do it , you can do it . It is just a little scary in the beginning thats all .
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Well, I sent the seller off an email and tried to explain. Sicy, I still want to purchase that one item of yours - I'm just too scared to mess with PayPal or Ebay again.
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