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Apology to a wrongly accused kitten...

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Seems I don't have poision oak under my nose. My doctor tells me it is a form of strep! Kinda like impetigo (sp?) in children! Now I need to go home and apologize to my Tigger kitten!
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Woohoo! Tigger, watch out, guilty human coming home, bearing tons of treaties. Milk it for all it's worth!

KittenKrazy, hope the strep clears up real soon.
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omg , you better bring the good treads home for the poor kitten . That is so funny though lmao .
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Aha! So he wasn't such a mischeivous kitty after all.
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Uh oh, Cindy, Tigger's gonna get those BIG sad eyes at ya now... "See, Mom, I told you I was innocent, but YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME!"

I'd say some tuna is in order.
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Yikes impetigo! I had that once as an adult on my face. Took a while to clear it up and talk about wash, wash, wash everything that you touch in the meantime. I hope it clears up fast for ya!!

Tigger - go milk this one for all its worth!!!
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Tigger still loves his mommy though... Sending You healing vibes for the strep though. I have had strep throat before and it was not fun
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oh boy i think tigger will get some extra treats and attention, he will love that and im sure will forgive you hope this problem heals up fast for you
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oops.... more treats for the innocent fella....
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Awww! So it wasn't him after all! Pack your bags, you're going on a guilt trip . . . Just make sure you bring him treats!
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Tigger says: "I'm Innocent Mom" Now he gets all the yummy treats and extra love that he can get I agree with everyone else, Milk it Tigger
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Tigger - Your Christmas starts now!

Take care of yourself KittenKrazy.
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I hope you get better soon Cindy, I have experienced first hand what a special lady you are!

Give tigger a hug from me, he'll get over it.
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