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Wednesday Daily Thread

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Happy hump day everyone! Of course hump day really doesn't mean anything to me right now, since I'm not working. But that doesn't mean I can't wish all you working peeps a happy day!

Nothing planned today. I really need to clean and sort out some junk I want to get rid of. I already have 3 boxes I want to take to the second hand store. Actually, some of it is Emily's and very nice clothes. I should take that to a consignment shop and sell it. WOW I just had a brilliant idea right here on thecatsite!

Ok, I have to go...
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I called in sick, today. My usually efficient immune system has let me down. Last night, I only got about 3 hours sleep and this morning, I could not talk. I HAVE managed to creep out, for chicken soup and pudding but, my day is going to be spent on the couch and in here.

I have caught Buddy under the Christmas tree, twice this morning. He keeps trying to unwrap presents. At least, he doesn't have any claws. A fresh misting of vinegar has deterred him, for the moment. He gave me a baleful look and slunk off. While this was going on, Rowdy was watching from the back of a chair and, I swear, she was SMIRKING. For once, someone else was getting into trouble. Bill doesn't refer to them as "those two criminals", for nothing. I'm sure that Rowdy put Buddy up to it, though.

Hope you're all having a better day.
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well we had a wierd day in the office. Where I sit I am right over a huge set of roller doors that we can get trucks in and out of with deliveries. Anyway, I was sat reading a novel after having lunch at 12.30 when there was a huge bang and explosion sound and the whole part of my building shook and rocked momentairly. The office was quiet and we were all sort of looking at each other.
The windows had rattled but we were all standing okay, so we all had a look out of the window. Could see nothing from the height we were at or the angle. there was some uncertainty if a bomb had gone off to start with but no smoke. If one had gone off then where I sit as well as a few others should at that moment be going downwards in a pile of rubble.
We then had to wait for ages as it was realsied that it was not a bomb - thank fully - it was a wagon that had reversed very quickly into the roller shutters and structure and had shattered it bringing bricks and some steel work down.
I went back to work shortly after that - I believe it was all checked structurally and as i drove home this evening , it was all good as new and you would have never known. I guess someone was busy contract wise this afternoon.
It was one hell of a bang though and for a second or few, we feared the worst - glad it wasnt though.

All in all - a quiet day for me.
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Katl8e I hope you get to feel better , you sound awfull .

Kev , that would have scared me totaly . I am glad is was not a bomb .

It started this morning to rain and was happy I did all my painting for the cat enclosure yesterday . I went to the priest house and cleaned there , he was sick got the flue . I guess tommorrow I will start taking extra vitamine C in , hoping I wont get what the priest had . Got home early today , that was good . So I was folding some cloth . I need to do some washing too . It seems like I always washing something .Got Klondike and Patches in the back yard for a while after Toby came back in (dogs) . Got them back in front and no sooner it started raining again . My son come home at the same time soaking wet from the rain . I hope he is not catching anything from that rain now .

I hope you all have a wonderful day
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Cindy, I hope you feel better soon!

I just got home from work, it's not snowing here any longer, and is really pretty with the bright sun shining on 10 inches of new snow!

Tonight I swear I am going to get that @##*&*$ tree decorated! But first I need to find a library book that I have managed to lose. It is due back tomorrow, and I can't renew it because someone has a hold on it. I'm usually pretty good about keeping my library books in one spot, but it got a little disorganized around here when I was sick, and I'm still not caught up with everything yet.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday...
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It rained all day yesterday, then turned to sleet for a while before the snow hit. So we're sitting on 3 inches of snow on top of 1/2 inch of ice. I never made it out of the house today. Our neighbor spent a couple hours pulling cars out of the ditch at the end of the road because the tow trucks couldn't make it out to help them. This morning I had to shovel the snow then scrape a patch of ice off the porch just to feed the ferals.

So, here I sit at 6PM still in my pajamas with a fire going in the fireplace. None of the kittens have seen FIRE before and are intriqued by the fireplace. We're watching them closely to make sure they don't try to do anything stupid like jump on top of it (it's a freestanding cast iron wood burning stove - Stumpy is the only cat to ever jump on it when hot and he burned all 4 paws in the process). So far so good with the little ones - the oldsters simply sleep under it.

And we have yet to start either decorations or cards this year. Maybe over the weekend.....
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Good day all! I haven't been on hardly at all since we haven't had internet access at home since Friday. Well, we finally got it fixed! YIPPIE! We had an outside gas leak on Friday, and the gas people cut the internet wire (apparently) I am just glad school is over with and I can start doing my Christmas cards. Hope everyone is having a great week!
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Tybalt comes home from CA tonight, and just in time, the snow is almost all melted. That figures. It is raining, pretty hard in fact, and I've been watching the sump pump like a cop to make sure it doesn't overflow. (The auto-on switch broke last year and we have to switch it on and off manually. I really need to just get another one, already.)

Went through the house and cleaned up the clutter of a week alone. Now I think I will reward myself with some quesadillas from the new Mexican place down the street!
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What an interesting day! First of all, my city got almost 10 inches of snow yesterday & through out the night, so my drive to work was definitely a slick one! Plus on top of it being bitterly cold outside, I realized this morning that my work day will not be a normal one. I had to do my training in the Tire Lube Express today! So, I had to dress in nasty clothes since I'd be working in the pits all day & had to dress warm since the heat isn't so great out there. I ended up wearing a long sleeved tshirt, a sweatshirt, fleece PJ bottoms (I don't have any long underwear!), ratty jeans & 2 pairs of socks! Even with that, I still had to borrow a Technicians Jacket because I was cold! I was all prepared to get dirty & greasey today...but apparently the guys felt sorry for me & didn't make me do much dirty work. But I did manage to patch a couple tires, do 2 oil changes, check tires & fluids, test some batteries & drive the cars around. I thought it was all pretty cool! But...it's definitely not for me! It was SOOOO funny to see the reactions of people watching us work on their cars. They'd give me a triple take everytime..."A woman out there? No way...not a WOMAN!". I felt kind of silly out there with a bunch of rough around the edges kind of men...plus I had to wear those goofy safety glasses AND a hard hat! Damn...I wish I had my camera just to prove to everyone who didn't get the privilege of witnessing it all! All in all, it was a good day & true learning experience!
Luckily tomorrow will be a little more what I'm used to...JEWELRY & PHOTO'S!

Hope you all had a great day!
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Wow, Shell, that sounds like fun! I would love to learn how to change my oil and stuff like that! But not in that kind of weather...

Have fun with the jewelry and photo day!
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Wow, Shell! So you're the handy-woman, now, huh? Have fun with the jewelry tomorrow!

Hope you feel better soon Cindy!

Uhhhhh . . . I had a Chemistry final today! Icky, icky! I'm gonna be so mad if I don't do well on it, cuz I literally was up all night long studying for it! I took like a one hour nap before I had to go take it at 8am this morning.

After that, I took a nap today. Hope everyone had a good Wednesday!
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Kev, that sounds scary. I'm SUPER glad it wasn't a bomb! Gees.

Sue, I hope you had a nice mexican treat.

Shell that sounds fun but I had to laugh... I hope you have fun tomorrow as well.

Viva, I'm sending good *you passed!!!!* vibes.

I went off to work today for a few hours and got home, I have had a long rough day. Can't wait to get to sleep.... ZzzZzzZzzZ

Hope everyone had a lovely wednesday.. or is having a nice thursday? It's Friday here soon.. Sorry I being confusing!
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