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My maine coon mix, Einstein.

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Here is my 2 1/2 year old maine coon mix..Einstein. This is right after we had hi shaved! So cute!
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This is the beautiful kitten that I lost to FIP in November...
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I'm so sorry about your kitty that died of FIP. (((((Hugs)))))

They're both gorgeous kitties. And Einstein looks like such a silky huggable guy!!!!
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They are both very cute!!!!!
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so cute
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Aw, kitties looks so silly when they get the lion cut! Einstein is still a stunner.

So sorry about losing this beautiful kitten to FIP. She is gorgeous.
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Glad you figured out how to resize, they are gorgeous kitties.
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What a beauty boy he is

I am so sorry of your loss
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Thank you all so much! Here is one of them playing together
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Very Hansome Love the cut. So sorry to hear that you lost one of your babies
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Einstein looks....ermmmmmm..... naked
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LOL! I know, Jeremy (my boyfriend) and I didn't know how to take it at first. I really took him to the groomers to get a bath, brush and "trim" but I ended up taking home what looked like and over grown poodle/rat. Haha!

Initially I was a little upset by the haircut, but then I realized that he hasn't had a hairball barfy is over 2 and a half months...and he usually had a few every week. He also became a lot more active and his litter box habits improved. I think he was afraid to get his "bloomers" dirty before.

Einstein's coat has now grown in a bit and it blends nicely with his mane around his face. He is a delightful little boy. Hates wet food, isn't that weird?
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beautiful cat Einstein is! cats sure do look different without any of their furs on them dont they?
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Here is Einy before his haircut...
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Thread Starter he is
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And on the piano...
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And again...
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Awwww: He looks great with or without his fur Man he sure does have big feet I sure would hate for him to get mad at me like The Sammycat does and swat my ankle
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Yeah, he's a big boy. 15 lbs. But I think his feet look bigger than normal because of the perspective of the picture. It's quite funny actually!
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Very cute cats! Sorry for your loss though. When did you lose the other one?

I can't believe you took Einstein in for a bath, brush and trim and they shaved him like that! Not that it looks bad but I'd be so shocked if I thought my cat was getting trimmed and when I got there he had been pretty much stripped!
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Thank you so much! I unfortunatly lost Lilly on November 1st. Einy seems to be adapting well. I will have pictures of Charlie up soon Yeah, my boyfriend was pretty angry when I first brought him home...but he is such a funny, goofy cat that the cut really grew on us. Since he really benefited from the shave (no hairballs, more playful, better litterbox habits) I plan to have it done in the future. I think twice a year may be nice...his fur grows in well and it looks really cute...

He just has such dense, thick fur and he hates to be brushed...while Charlie loves it. I think it is a better option for him.

Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments.
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