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Stool Problems?

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For the past 3 days my 2 yr old female spayed indoor kitty has had less stool- and just hard chunks. Several times it is stuck in her anus and seems to have fur sticking it together. She visits the box trying to get it out but doesn't seem to help much. SHe isn't meowing in pain.

She is eating less and has very bad breath as she always has...vet said her teeth/mouth is fine though. She also has laid in a strange way on her stomach with her head down flat in front of her and seems to be somewhat 'hiding' sitting in a new area more often. She still runs and plays somewhat but not as often.

I've read a little about renal failure, impaction, and constipation. I hope it is the latter. I gave her some salmon water/oil last night hoping it would help. What does everyone recommend? I'd like to hold off on the vet for a couple days at least as I spent over $2000 this year on the other cat already

Her diet for several weeks has been wellness dry and science diet wet chicken. I think she just picked out the dry though as I've seen her vomit immediately after eating the wet. This week she is back on wellness wet chicken or turkey which doesn't make her vomit (combined with the dry). As a side note- does this mean she is allergic to something in wet chicken science diet? As soon as it hit her stomach she'd vomit. I compared the labels with my other brand and it seems that SD has corn and by products which the other can does not?

Anyway- any help would be great!
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It is very possibly that she had a reaction to something in Science Diet. My cat had a similar reaction on Wysong wet.

About the constipation, I have used Felaxin in the past when Syd was constipated due to her meds. I would increase the amount of wet food she is getting.

That being said, I really feel that you should see a vet. If she were only constipated and there were no other signs of sickness, I don't think it would be that much of a concern. However, you say she is eating less and hiding...those are two definite signs that something is not right. Good luck.
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