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Food Change

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I realize that vomiting can mean hundreds of different things. What I'm suspecting this time is a food change problem. Our vet put two of our cats on Hills W/D because it has more fiber than some foods out there. The additional fiber was added due to loose stools that the two cats have. After multiple negative fecals, we're doing "trial and error" with different medicines and foods. Right now, we're in food mode.

The problem is that I didn't really introduce the W/D properly into their diet. I put some down to see if they liked it and all 4 ended up eating it, so I just left it and kept refilling the bowl. One of the cats has vomited a couple of times today since the change. My suspicion is the food change, so my question is....now that I know I messed up and didn't introduce the new food properly, it's a little late to go back and fix it, so any idea how long cats have the tummy upsets while on the new food? If I leave them all on the new food, should I expect the vomiting to just go away in a couple of days? A week? He's certainly hungry and is eating, he's also acting normal other than the occasional puke. Just trying to gauge when the vomiting is not from the diet and is from something else.

Thanks again.
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Anytime you introduce food to your cat that is new, you should mix it with their old stuff until they are gradually eating nothing but the new. I would elevate their bowls and bring back their old food, and mix the two together equally then feed. Rememeber you are feeding your cat (which does not have a very large stomach) and not feeding the bowl. Give them a little bit at a time about 5 times a day then gradually bring them back to just eating the new food. For the loose stool try boiling hamburger and adding rice to it then feed that along with the mixture of dry to see if that helps bring the solidness back to their stool.
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