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Any Soft Paws fans here? Application tips?

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I put soft paws on a week ago. Only one has fallen off and the side claws were too short for application. Maybe if I cut the soft paw shorter it would work on the short claws?

Does it become a hassle to keep up with the soft paws applications?

Although it would be easier to see the colored soft paws if they fall off, isn't it harder to see how much glue you're putting in?

I wish they would include more pointed plastic tubes that you use to put the glue in, if you have to keep putting back the ones that fall off it will take a lot of tubes.

Any soft paw users and how do you like them?

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My friend said she uses a syringe and needle to apply the glue, it gives her better control. She also trims the base of the soft paws to match her cat's nails.
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If you're just beginning, I would recommend starting with the clear soft paws, so you can see how much glue you're using. You can switch to the colored ones after you've become more accustomed to them.

For size, you can either trim the base like Hissy suggested, or order two sizes.

You should be able to buy extra glue tubes online, or from a vet or groomer who carries the softpaws - I've gotten them from the vet, or online.

I don't find it to be much more of a hassle than claw trimming - and it saves the furniture, which is a good thing!

One note: some cats will pull them off in time, or they will fall off, while on some cats they will stay on until they reach a point that they'll need to be removed. If the cat's claws look like they're getting too long with the softpaws on, you'll need to remove the softpaw for her. Use cat nail clippers to remove the tip of the softpaw, and then pull it off.

The www.softpaws.com application instructions & q&a are very helpful.
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I think they will fit on better with the base cut. And I've often been to the Soft Paws site.

I can't believe I could possibly have a cat that doesn't ruin the furniture, I can start taking off all the tape!!!

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I posted before that they had been on 3 weeks but now seeing my previous post, they've been on 2 weeks.

My cat bites them and three have come off. Since they were going to last about 4 weeks, I didn't replace his tear offs thinking they all would fall off soon.

Any SoftPaws users have a routine for putting them on...do you replace fall offs if it is almost time to put on a full set? If so, each Soft Paw will be on a different schedule for replacement and you'll be working all the time replacing.

There must be a routine that makes sense, what is it?

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Hmm...I did not know such a product existed until I read this post! I was looking for ways to not have to worry so much about my new cat and my water bed and I think this is the answer. So good luck applying those things, I'm off to investigate Soft Paws further :-P
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My cat has had the normal size on for 3-4 weeks now. I had to get large size for the side claws, they were too wide for normal which fell off since they were too small.

They are staying on but they are so much longer than his own claws would be, especially the large size.

Hissy, I tried cutting the base like you said your friend did, but then they are too narrow to go all the way up the claw.

Guess I'll call Soft Paws and try to persuade them to make a custom size.

They will solve my redecorating concerns though and I am so happy about that. I hope they aren't a constant hassle to keep up with.

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They told me my cat needs large size all the way around because the caps don't slide on all the way up to where the claw meets the skin.

I complained that I would be going through hundreds of those tubes that attach to the glue bottle if I replace them one by one. They are sending me some extras free. I'll have to end up ordering about 100 extras though if I'm going to use Soft Paws throughout my cat's life.

Hissy, you said: My friend said she uses a syringe and needle to apply the glue

I don't understand how she gets the glue into the syringe and how this would work on a one time use.

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I'm going to be buying these for alley
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We had an issue with not having enough little tubes too, but it works out ok to keep and re use them...store them in the fridge and the glue doesn't dry inside them and if it does get clogged, unbend a safety pin and poke the glue out.

We're looking for ways to reuse the soft paws themselves. So far some things have half worked, but mostly they end up falling off a lot sooner then they should.

As for a schedule we just replace every time one falls off (or every two because we're lazy..I mean busy ). Its about as much a hassle as any other chore that comes with a cat, but its worth it.
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They just started importing Soft Paws to Israel a few months ago. I actually met the vet who's the importer and heard his talk about the product. According to him, you need to replace them as they fall off - rather than wait and do a whole set.

BTW - they are available here on our shop -
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I always wondered why they said to keep the glue in the :censor::censor::censor::censor:. The tubes stay on the glue when you put it in the :censor::censor::censor::censor:, no cap on the glue?

Unfortunately, the :censor::censor::censor::censor: is a long way from my bed where I usually do the Soft Paw repair. I'm just too lazy, I mean busy, to keep my glue in the :censor::censor::censor::censor:. I want it where I can grab it and repair easily.

But if it's true that you can just keep the tubes on in the :censor::censor::censor::censor:, maybe I'll do that.

I keep waiting for the original Soft Paws I applied 4+ weeks ago to fall off, they were too small a size anyway, but they are staying on.

Spraying Bitter Apple on my cat's paws absolutely stopped him from messing with them, even when it must have worn off.

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