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A Christmas gift for kitty

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Boy the things people sell on ebay!

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people are so strange lol! How bout his other auctions where he's selling all the snow in his yard lol! He must be doing this to increase traffic to his real auctions, or just because he needs attention..
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Well if you've ever been to Saskatchewan you'd understand. Not much going on there at all especially in the winter. The brunt of many jokes, flat as a pancake and not many trees. "You can watch your dog run away for days in Saskatchewan"
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a girl i went to college with was from Saskatchewan and in oral comm she gave speeches about how lame it was all the time, lol.
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if you read on about the payments...omg so funny

Description Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item.
As seen on CNN Headline News!
All of my items are REAL. You buy - you pay - I ship.

Pet Foil Hat Technology (PFHT)
is the sorta-patented system that protects you and your pet from the government!

Technical Jargon:

This ultra modern aluminum foil hat will protect your pet from the brain scanning rays of the NSA, certain 'auction' websites, fbi.com, and CIA satellites that are monitoring their little subversive thoughts. You may not have considered this before, but your lead lined hat is worthless if your pet can give away your secrets to the very people most dangerous to you - your government!

The PFHT contains space age materials, and is guaranteed to work for your pet. All government I/O is cut off. It's like a firewall for your pet's brain.

This offer is truly CONTINUMONGUS!

"PFHT" will not disappoint anyone who doesn't want to get noticed by the ever watchful FBI.com!
Features of this product:
100% effective at stopping the government from reading your pet's brain.
Blocks the CIA brain scans.
Scrambles the NSA brain scans.
Poaches the FBI.com brain scans.
Bakes potatoes when placed around a potato in a hot oven.
Works as a Christmas gift for your pet!
Use "The Hat" only as recommended:

Pet Rocks do not need the PFHT since they are imune to brain scans, because they lack brains. That, and you'll confuse the poor pet rock.
This particular model Foil Hat Technology is good underwater on your fish, or outdoors in the rain.
Do not attempt to tamper with the PFHT. It has built in "anti-authority" technology which will make it burst into flames upon close inspection by authorities. Please do not put the PFHT in the microwave.
One size fits all pets, thanks to the adjustable "sizing fold". Do not attempt to adjust the size of your pet's head to fit the PFHT.

This bird is going to sing! Get your pet the PFHT now!

But wait! The Winning bidder will also be cool, as certified on paper! But wait even more! If you send payment within 2 business days of the auction closing, I'll send a lock of cat fur!

This is what your pet might look like without the PFHT! They may start to take over control of your house!
The Terms Of Service [If you bid without reading these, heaven help you]:

I take the following forms of payment only [in the equivalent value of the winning bid price + shipping]:

Monopoly money [exchanged at 0.0005% face value]
Canadian Tire money [at face value]
Traveler's cheques
Shiny beads, trinkets, or gold coins
Chocolate bars
Cod, the fish, at current market value.
Mexican Pesos, Japanese ¥, and even European Euros.
Australian $, UK £, Canadian $, coins or Money Orders.
American $ cash preferred. Lots of it please.
Hershey's Kisses(tm) - please note that I will not consider melty sticky kisses a valid payment.
PayPal balance transfers in US$ are accepted if you don't have any of the above payments to offer, and are a boring fuddy duddy.
All legal currency must be dated from after the year 2000, since I don't want it to have the Y2K bug. I prefer foreign cash, but you are welcome to pay with any option here.
I will put your separate eBay items in one package, to save you money. Weight and thickness restrictions of the package may limit how many auctions you can combine.
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