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Catnip behavior.

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I am just curious to the different reactions our cats have to catnip. One of my sweetest girls, who never gets mad, will almost turn violent when she is on a catnip "high". Some will just lick and lick whatever has the catnip in it and a few will drool. Most of mine will just get plain goofy, which is to be expected. But the odd one of all is Aurora. She will get so goofy and then so relaxed, that she will just pee on the floor I have a catnip matt, that I had to wash I don't know how many times because of her. So now, I only give her a certain amount of catnip time, so she doesn't get too relaxed. Amber likes it too, she tries to eat it.
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LOL! I've had all of the above with the exception of being so relaxed that they pee. At that point, mine just drop in their tracks and sleep for a couple of hours.

I use the fresh catnip that grows in my backyard.
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Russell gets extremely playful. He's almost two and still behaves like a kitten, though a lot less work than a little furball. And then after, just suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper relaxed.

Esper just gets all head bonky and relaxes.

And they both start to purr loudly. And one time when they got into the catnip themselves, Russell was drooling and Esper looked like she was floating.

Forgot to add...no pee!
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Snowball gets really playful, and he also rolls in it and then eats some of it. Finally he just gets really relaxed, but not so relaxed that he pees!
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Peedoodle becomes a total lovebug when he is on catnip, but Kahu gets all hyper (well more than he normally gets) and attacks it

Just wondering, does Amber react to catnip at all?
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Zoey goes nuts. She has a heart shaped catnip pillow and another catnip pillow that she grabs with all her paws, rubs her face all over it and licks it till its soaking wet Her eyes are always BLACK! She gets pretty excited.

Saki is too young for catnip still I think
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Sicy, some of mine do that too. You would almost think they put the toy in water it gets so wet from their licking.
Yes, Amber does like the catnip, but she doesn't seem to get as crazy as the others. She likes to eat it. I have some loose catnip in a plastic container that has holes in it from her trying open it up.
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Patches the 3 year old doesen't care for it but my kitten
Alley loves the stuff
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JC doesn't react to dried catnip except to avaid it, but he likes to rub himself on catnip plants outside. What really makes him flip out is valerian root, which you can get in teabags.
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Sphinx doesn't care for catnip (Or he's in the percentage that catnip doesn't effect).

Kuce though goes 'loco' and plays, eats, and runs all over the place while under the effects of catnip. Once worn off she plops and proceeds to take a 'catnap'.
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