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Deb 25 - Back To School Blues!

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The old "no more teachers....no more books".... is OVER for you!

Tomorrow morning Deb 25 packs her (book) bags and her courage and stamina and heads back to school!

I give you and the other Catsite teachers all the credit in the world for entering the teaching profession.
God Bless and have a good day back in school.
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Definitely one of the hardest jobs in the world, and one of the least appreciated. Good luck with the kiddos this year, Deb. What year do you teach?
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Well, well, thanks for the send-off, as I will be reduced to my old regime of checking the site in the evening. Actually, I am the Reading Specialist for the intermediate grades at my school. I work primarily with 'struggling' 4th graders, as their scores on state tests in this grade help determine the success of the entire school. Our learned governor, Jeb Bush, (yes, George W.'s brother) has all public schools on a grading system. Everything hinges on one week of testing per year.
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Best wishes to you, Deb, as you tackle yet another year's worth of pupils! (Isn't "pupils" a dumb word?) I'm sorry you're working in a state with an idiot governor. His type was unheard of when I lived in the Sunshine State, LeRoy Collins being the governor in those days; but, as Camus once pointed out, "Stupidity has a knack of getting its own way."

I hope, in our lifetimes, teachers are taken off the "public enemy number one" list by the electorate's putting the current crop of Shrubbery through the shredder.

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I feel saddest for ME, because I have lost my playmate. (and now 3LK isn't going to be on much because of the heat.. )

sure hope you have internet access at work Deb.
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Well Deb,
This might come a bit late but I'd like to wish you good luck too!
I've been a teacher and learnt to respect this profession and all the people who have the guts to carry on with it!
Good luck!
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When the Kinder Klan get to you; keep repeating in your mind..."They're NOT mine...I don't have to take them HOME!!!" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Internet access?!? That's currently a joke. I have 6 computers, 4 of which won't boot up properly after being unplugged all summer, and I think my email is still on summer vacation.

Somebody give me some winning lottery numbers. I'll go halfsies with you. Promise.
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