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Seeing Red!

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I was on a different message board and this guy comes along with this thread:

"I have a persian cat about a year old, he was not castrated. He is allowed to roam freely where ever he wants but up until now he was kind of reluctant to wander out of our yard, now suddenly he dissappeared for an entire day, the last time he was spotted was when our cleaning-lady fed him yesterday morning, and I'm worried sick :\\.

Now, I've heard that uncastrated male cats are likely to occasionally dissapear during mating season for a few days while looking for females in hear, so my questions are:
*Is there even such a thing as a cat mating season? or can females be in heat any time of year? (Since if there is a mating season, it's propably not in the middle of winter, which would make things rather more peculiar)
*I once heard that persian cats are reluctant to mate with any other breed of cat, is there any truth to this rumor?"

Of course EVERYONE freaked out on the guy and said "What are you crazy?? Get that cat fixed!!!" And "Didn't you ever listen to Bob Barker at the end of the price is right?!?!"

So he says:
"Well, Actually apparently he never left the yard, my parents just now reported to me that yesterday he fell off the balcony and today we found him hiding and a shrubbery, it's seems as though he's feeling fine now as he's eating, just as a precaution we're going to leave him inside the house for a short while.

Also, this is Kochav Yair, Israel, all cats roam freely here, they're even quite well fed. Semi-rural towns in the middle of nowhere usually spawn different pet habitats."

So of course we all say it doesn't matter you twit, it doesn't matter *WHERE* you are!
And he says:
"Cause we all know all cats need to be neutered... Bull :censor::censor::censor::censor:, what do I care if he impregnates a female cat? The female cat's owners will deal with that, as if they didn't want kittens they should have neutered her, Not to mention that eventually he DIDN'T roam around the neighbourhood rather lay stunned under a shrub.

In short: shut up fools, I'm not going to neuter my cat as there is no reason to.

Or in other words: I am not interested in your silly little preachings and I'm closing this thread, My cat is fine and none of you were even able to answer my questions in the first place, thus this thread is decreed pointless."

Which leaves me and the others to sit here and seethe.
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We have what we call kitten season here: mid to late April, fourth of July and Labor day. Some come other times, but 90% of all kittens are born these 3 periods each year. So I would say yes, there is a heat season, which probably varies by climate.

Ignore that person - for all you know he was a forum troll.
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Hmmm, another stupid human with only a pea sized brain that gets used only about 10% of it's capacity.
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If he is indeed in Israel they have mating season almost all year long because of climate. His attitude is sadly common for some of the people in that region, though many cat lovers are working to change the attitude of society when it comes to pet cats as well as ferals. Arguing with him will be a no-win situation I am afraid. He needs to talk to Rivi Mayer of the Cat Welfare Society of Israel, perhaps the reality of him vising that shelter will set him straight.
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Kitty season...hmmm...why yes I do believe there is a kitty season....for me it's all year round. There's no such thing as winter here.
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Hmmm, no winter? I'm moving to Australia
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Originally posted by AmberThe Bobcat
Hmmm, another stupid human with only a pea sized brain that gets used only about 10% of it's capacity.
Hehee, I think Amber summed it up perfectly . Unfortunately theres not much you can do with such people. I have learned that as hard as it may be, when explaining things about cats to such people, we have to be gentle and nice to them. As soon as they even smell some hostility they shut down to any reason. We all just gotta keep doing what we're doing, open our big mouths as much as possible, and pray one day the worlds eyes will open.

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"Kitten season" depends upon where you are. I think it is dependent upon warm weather, so where you have warm weather all the time, cats can go into heat at any time.

And whenever we have someone like that here at TCS, I go the route of education - whether I suspect that person is a troll or not. Here's an example - the discussion was with someone who at the time was a new member to TCS. The discussion starts about half way down the page on P. 2 of the thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...2&pagenumber=2

And if, in the future, you want to help educate others as to the many benefits of spaying and neutering their cats, or if you want to have some "ammo" against the many arguments people make against it, please just click on the "Why spay or neuter your cat" link in my signature. There are many VERY informative links there, providing info on the health benefits, the behavior benefits, etc.

If people love their cats and aren't breeding them, the health benefits arguments can be pretty persuasive.

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Well the thing is that he closed his post so I can't really discuss it with him anymore. But, I got around that! The forum offers the ability to change someone's avatar and the message underneath it for $10. So to me it was worth it. I changed his avatar to a picture of a cat and put a message about statisitics of how fast unspayed cats can reproduce. So every time he posts he will have to think about it, or pay another $10 to change it back.
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Originally posted by AmberThe Bobcat
Hmmm, no winter? I'm moving to Australia
Well, that's in the northern half of Australia. Right now, it's 105F+, (40C+), in the shade. And winter is so mild, it's practically like Spring. I laugh to myself when people start to wear fluffy jackets at 80F, about 25C.

Lynx LOL! Well done! And maybe you could mention what the Minister of the Home Office in Israel is doing in the forum too. ^_^
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thats great Lynx! that is a well spent $10. I humbly submit this still in acknowledgment of that person...

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Way to go Lynx!!!
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Good job Lynx
Hmmm, at 80, we are walking around in shorts and t-shirts. I don't get out the heavey jacket until it hits the 20's.
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