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The rest of the gang

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Seems I only post pics of Flowerbelle these days (she's such a cutie though, lol!) But it's about time the rest of the gang got some attention.

First - here's a pic of the whole crew. We did NOT set this up!

Left to right: Lazlo, Spooky, Sheldon, Tuxedo, Flowerbelle. Oh - of course, that's Gary leaning over to coo at them all, LOL!
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Lazlo (behind) and Spooky. Buddies.
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The Buds again - this time Spooky's on the left, Laz is on the right. This is not the same day.
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Tuxedo and Flowerbelle playing.
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Shelly investigating Gary's hand....
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That first pic I think is priceless It oughta be captioned.... The gang looks happy and healthy also
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Laurie, you couldn't have set that first picture up if you tried. Ever heard of herding cats? LOL

Oh, I love the one of Shelly investigating Gary's hand. He's gophering! (That's what we call it when Ophelia stands like that.) And I see you have world-class synchronized nappers with Spooky and Lazlo, too. And Tux has become such a good friend for little Flowerbelee.
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That first picture should go into Caption This!!!

They are all so beautiful!
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OMG the first pic is awsome and really cute . Looks like Gary is telling them a bed time story . All of your babies are so pretty and great shots . Thanks for sharing them with us .
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I just love the markings on Spooky's head what an awesome design All of the purrbabies look so happy and healthy
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Cute pictures of cute kitties! I like that cat house too!
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Are you sure you didn't use superglue for that first picture Laurie?

I also love the sychronized napping picture with Lazlo and Spooky. All of the pictures are so cute. I love seeing your gang.
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Looks like Gary is telling them a bed time story
My thoughts exactly!

I to love your gang, they look so happy
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Love them all, especially the two of them curled up into balls!!

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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove

Looks like Gary is telling them a bed time story


They LOVE that cat house! It's got three levels - and the second level only goes part of the way back, so they can jump onto the "balcony" and pounce down on who's ever on the first level from the inside. It is so cool!

And I love it when they sit like gophers! Heidi - Shel doesn't do it often, but Flowerbelle does it all the time. I haven't gotten one of her like that yet because she rarely stays in one position too long (unless she's sleeping ), but it is so darn cute when they do that.
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Lazlo. I couldn't get pics of they way they look normally with the flash, so I tried this without. I'm not good at photoshop, so I have no idea how this will look when I post it up here, but this is sooo Lazlo. He is often very happy, and recently a lot more playful - but he's our feral feral boy (they were all ferals, but somehow Laz just hasn't given in to the cushy home life like the others have). Laz is constantly on the prowl, always checking things out, and at the slightest noise gets a worried look in his eye. He's our first, and my baby.
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Of course, Lazlo does give into the luxury of being indoors too....
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Too cute my favorite is the first pic
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I love that cat tree. Where did you get it from? Do you have a pic of the whole thing?

(Not that I could fit another one in the house unless I remove some of my furniture...oh, that's right...that's the cats' furniture that they let me sit on.)

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They are all so cute. I just love little Flowerbelle. That's a fantastic cat condo you have, as well.
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LDG I love Lazlo's face , very beautiful markings
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They're all lovely, Lazlo looks so cute in the pic where he's asleep.
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Flowerbelle is so pretty, but I'm so glad to see pics of the rest of the family! Beautiful kitties, great pics, especially that first one. I agree, definitely a caption this!
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I'll try to get a pic of the whole condo "cat house." That's pretty much it in that pic - there's a little "chimney" on top of the slanted roof of the house that has a platform that's about 2/3 the size of the house over it. I think Gary bought this one at a chain store called Pet Value. They totally love this one because they can get at each other from all different angles - and because that second level is open in the back of the house down to the first level, it's almost like they can sneak up on each other, LOL!
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