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Eldery cat peeing everywere...Plz Help

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Hi guys,

Since moving to the States last year I had to leave my elderly cat Alexis back home with my parents - she is 15 years old and will be 16 on 22nd April 2004. She is such a beautiful cat and her personality incredible. She always took the greatest pride in herself and hygiene. My mum was asking me if I could find out if there was anything they could do to stop her peeing everywere? Sometimes her tray will be like 2 feet away from her and she will just pee were she stands. I don't know how forgetful she has gotten as I am not there to really see for myself. She is still in great health and plays like a crazy kitten and eats normally so there is no thoughts for years to come of putting her to rest.

Just if there was anything that could be sprayed or what ever to help. They are investing in another couple of kitty trays so she doesn't have far to walk!!

Thx guys

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Please see this link:

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Please, please, please take her to the vet. Inappropriate peeing is almost always caused by illness. The cat may seem healthy -- the illness will not be detected unless the vet tests specifically for urinary problems.
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I'd take her to the vet for a check up, especially if she's peeing on smooth surfaces. That usually indicates the problem is a medical one.
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I second what the others say and PLEASE take her to the vet. Its not uncommon for an older cat to have health problems (Believe me - I have an 17-18 year old). If nothing medically is found then it may be emotional or behavior but please rule out the medical part first.
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Any update on her situation? My kitty Peaches is fairly young and she began pee peeing in her bed. Turns out she had a bladder infection. I treated her for it and now she uses her litter box perfectly.
Good luck, any updates yet?
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i agree, even though the problem may simply be that the cat is depressed or upset, you shouldn't take that chance especially with an older cat. take your kitty to the vet just to make sure
good luck!
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Daisy is such a cutie pie
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