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Is ther a certain kind of catnip to get?

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I have never given Dexter or Pixel catnip before but I would like to see their reaction. Is there a form or way I should give it to them? Is all catnip the same or is some better quality?
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Hmmm, I'm not really sure. I have always given my cats organic catnip from a friend who grows it. It is much better quality than what I have seen in the pet store.
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Kooky Kat Catnip is the best catnip my cats have ever tried. It comes in many forms...

Budz in a Bottle - pure catnip oil and water pump spray

Six Pak which includes

- Catnip Budz

- Leaf & Flower

- Stalkless

- Catnip Pellets

- Valerian

- Honeysuckle

Grow Yer Own Catnip Plant Kit

Catnip Pellets

Stalkless Format

Leaf and Flower

Catnip in the Ruff

Catnip Budz

It's a Canadian company, but I'm sure you can get it almost anywhere!

Kooky Kat Catnip
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I do think there are differences between catnips. One will be what is included...some catnips included a lot of stalk plus leaf, the better quality catnips contain more leaf and flower with some stalk, and the finest of them will be a fine grind with no stalk at all.

Potencywise, any catnip with a higher mix of the flowers (or buds) will be strongest, as the active ingredient in catnip is contained in the essential oil, which is in highest concentration in the flowering buds.

Ways to give catnip...you can buy a catnip oil in water spray (my favorite due to its purity) or one of other catnip sprays, and you buy the flowering buds on the stalk (just remove a bud or two, crush between your fingers, then sprinkle atop a cat toy or bed or on the floor.)

You can even get catnip compressed into non-messy pellet form - my experience is not too many cats will eat these, but they make a wonderful refillable cat toy filler (albeit they make for lumps!).

I agree that organic is better - most cats will consume some of the catnip, why introduce any chemicals?

anyhoo, hope this helps, catnip, as you can see, is a passion!
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Originally posted by Crazy-Cat-Lover
Kooky Kat Catnip is the best catnip my cats have ever tried. It comes in many forms
I will heartily second that conclusion! I adore their products.
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Catnip, Nepeta cataria, is the plant that you're after. The problem is though, that there are a lot of brands out there. Some companies mix the catnip up with other plant material, in essence diluting the amount of catnip, and potency. Also, it's important as to what part of the catnip plant is included. More leaves and flowers, the better. Stalk material doesn't seem to have as much potency.

I actually grow my own catnip in a pot for my cats. I bought the plant from my local nursery. I know that what I give to them is chemical free. I notice that my cats react more to the leaves than the stalks of fresh catnip. I haven't been able to try buds or flowers yet. My plant hasn't flowered yet.

CatnipetcThis is a company that sells good quality catnip. A few members of TCS have ordered from them and are happy with them.
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I agree that if you can grow your own catnip without chemicals (mine hasn't taken off yet.) otherwise buy organic since some cats eat the catnip (yes its fine for them to eat).

I've tried different kinds on Kuce (Sphinx is indifferent to the effects of catnip) and she prefers Cosmic Catnip. But feel free to try all the organic brands until you find one your cats love.

(BTW - I've read that some cats are not affected by catnip so don't be too surprised if any of your cats are.)
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Catnip grows wild in my area, and with 10 acres of land, I have a LOT of it growing. So mine is hand picked, fully organic (unless you discount for the neighborhood dogs lifting their legs on it), and I only give mine the leaves and sometimes the flowertops. I break off a stalk at a time.

Catnip in the wild can grow 4-5 feet tall and bush out the same width. It is in the mint family, and if you can grow spearmint, peppermint or other things like that, you can grow catnip in your area. It actually has the square stem like the mints and the leaves are very similar in shape, however, I have tested those on the cats and they are not interested in them at all. I would never attempt to grow it in pots, as the cats would kill it in a day!
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