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Daily thread for Tuesday :)

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I can´t find the daily thread for today, maybe because there isn´t any yet

It´s rather cold today, about 32°F, but no snow, its been so warm lately.
Oliver and I took a walk in the new stroller that has finally arrived! (I wasn´t in the stroller, but Oliver was )
I just love the stroller! We went to feed the duck in the lake downtown and to look at all the Christmas decorations downtown, really nice.
I haven´t done much for Christmas, but tonight I´m gonna do some cleaning and get ready for the rest of the Christmas decorations. I might also have to start soon with the Christmas cards
I was gonna have a pic of Oliver in them, which I haven´t taken yet, then comes the develloping time....These will be Easer cards
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I'm sick today
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I'm sorry your sick today, Chelle, I hope you start feeling better soon.

I put up my tree last night and most of my decorations. It sure puts me in the Christmas mood and Max just loves to sit under the tree. He is my special present every year. I wonder if he would consent to wearing a bow around his neck.lol

I'm a little upset that it is raining today. It's not supposed to rain this time of year, it's supposed to be snowing! All our beautiful white snow is melting.

Tonight is my first Christmas Party of the season. I also have one on Thursday night. Next week I have three parties to go to. I still have to buy all my presents, but that won't be too hard. I already know what I'm buying, I'm just waiting for my Christmas bonus.

I hope everyone has a good day.
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I'm up and ready to go to the movies already. I'm going to see "Freaky Friday" with Lisa who lives down the road.. Anyone else seen it? It looks good.

LOL About Oliver being in the pram Sesselja! Glad you had a good time.

I'm sorry about you being sick Chelle.

Have fun Nora.. and boy oh boy it's raining here as well..

Have a good day ya'll!
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Hope you feel better really soon, Chelle!!

Nora, I hope you have a good time at your party!!

Sesselja, I bet Oliver loved the stroller!! I bet that was fun!

Sam, I haven't seen Freaky Friday yet (except for the old one with Jodie Foster), but I've heard it's great!

I'm having a good day - got some new clothes last weekend (hubby gave me a gift card for my birthday), and all the pants & skirts were either a size 8 or 10!!! Thank you, Dr. Atkins! And then last night I finally got my hair cut, so I feel really good, finally wearing clothes that aren't way too big, with all the split ends gone. And I threw some stew into the crockpot before I left for work today, so dinner is already cooked and smells great.

We got a lot of snow today, and are supposed to get a lot more before tomorrow. So it is really starting to look like we'll have a white Christmas.

Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Right now I'm at home on my lunch break. Just made myself a quick Peanut butter 'n jelly sandwhich. Have to get back soon, in like 25 minutes. Haha!

Chelle- I just got over my cold. I hope you get well soon. Have you tried Thera-flu? That stuff worked for me.
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Chelle, sorry to hear you're sick. BUMMER!
Sesselja, I"m glad you and Oliver liked the new stroller!
I just got off work and boy am I beat. I've been fighting with a chest cold all week and I think it's winning,YUCK!
I hope everyone is having a good day(or as good as you can have with a cold right Chelle?)
I'm off to lay down now, I'm tired!(lazy pants I know!)
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Hi all!

Chelle - get better quick! I sure hope it isn't the flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sesselja, glad you like the new stroller. We've had friends that had a hard time finding one that worked for their needs. Sounds like a really nice time for you and Oliver.

Nora, have fun at your Xmas parties! I love decorating the tree - though Gary and I don't have room for one.

Susan - congrats on the weight loss, the new clothes a new "doo"! Sounds like an exciting time for you now .

Erin - I LOVE PB&J.

Sam - haven't seen the movie. Hope you enjoy it!

Barb - HI! You have such a crazy busy job, I don't think you're being lazy, I think you're getting much needed rest! I sure hope your battle with the cold turns this evening and that YOU win the battle. !!!!!!!!!!!

We FINALLY got our heat back Sunday! It's a long story, but last Wed they came to plug a generator in because electric wasn't back - and apart from them plugging us into a 50 amp/220 watt gene (and we're like a normal home with 30 amp/120 watt system), we must have had a short somewhere, because ALL the electric circuits blew up! There was a fire out of one of the surge protectors in the bedroom. Thank GOD we keep fire extinguishers everywhere. We lost just about every piece of anything electric we have. Our laptops weren't plugged in, so we've got those. And one TV, the cat's drinking fountain, and one phone. Everything else is gone. We got regular electric back later that day, so at least we had heat before the new propane heater arrived this weekend.

Things are settling down a little bit for us, but have been QUITE crazy. Poor kitties! We've had strange vehicles coming and going, workmen in and out - and we have to have the whole place rewired, so this won't end until sometime next week (hopefully).

But fortunately we and the cats are OK, and we didn't lose things like our clothes, our bed, etc. The fire damage is only on the floor and wall - underneath and behind a bookcase. We'll eventually need new carpet, but for now a couple of steam cleans should get us by.

Been a couple of crazy weeks for us!
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Thank goodness, work was light today. For the first time, in many years I have a cold! I am not used to being sick and I do NOT like it. Last night was an up-and-down night and I came very close to calling in today. Fortunately, the decongestant kicked in, before I left.

For those of you in Tucson: Foothills and Tucson Malls are no longer safe. My mother got a motorized scooter, today. This will give her more mobility but, it may be a bit hairy, for pedestrians! The Scooter Store handled everything and Medicare and TriCare paid 100% of the cost.

The cats have now turned their attentions to the little tree. It has spent quite a bit of time on the floor and its star has been pulled off. Bill caught Rowdy and Buddy in the act. The vinegar is doing the job, for the main tree, though. Nothing has been unwrapped and only a couple of ornaments were knocked off.

After dosing myself with ibuprofen, decongestants and a hot shower, its early to bed for me.
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OMG! What a horrible day! I swear it was a Monday instead of a Tuesday! For the most part, my day at work was fine....UNTIL...we got 9 inches of snow this afternoon! We all knew it was going to hit, but they estimated around 4 inches. ARG! Not 9!

It's the first time I had to drive in this weather since I moved & lemme tell ya...Lincoln Nebraska drivers are the worst! People were flying around on the streets like it was sunny & 100 degrees! I almost got stuck twice on the way home & was scared that I was going to drive off the bridge! It was soooo very slick.

Luckily after 40 minutes, I made it home with out a scratch. Maybe a few more gray hairs, but nothing too serious!

Hope everyone had a better day than I & beware if you live in the Midwest....snow is on it's way!

Hey Cindy...do you want some snow? I'll be more than happy to share with you! LOL!
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Hi all . Sorry to hear that some of you are sick , hope you will feel better soon .
Well I was painting today from 11.00 this morning till 5.00 pm tonight the outsite of the cat enclosure . I gave it a 2nd coat . Pheeeew am I pooped today . I wanted to be done , it is suposed to rain tommorrow so I wanted to be finished today for the paint to try . Now my hubby can finish putting on the mosquito screen this week and then we need to place the thick look through plastic over the screen for the winter time . I will still have to re paint the insite of the enclosure and then I think we are done for this year at least . Who knows what my hubby is up to next , I never know with him . He love to work with wood . Lucky me and cats .
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Shell you got that storm we were supposed to get and it passed us by!
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I'll give it back to ya! BTW...it's STILL snowing! I'm betting we get a foot of snow or more!
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Shell, I talked to a man in Lincoln today. He wanted to know if it was OK to pay three months' ahead on his car loan, as he was heading for Florida. Now, I know why!
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Originally posted by Shell
I'll give it back to ya! BTW...it's STILL snowing! I'm betting we get a foot of snow or more!
We would gladly take it! We are in such a state of drought here that people are happy if they hear about a foot of snow coming!
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