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Travel Guilt!!

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My husband and I have two kitties who are the light of my life. Simon and Max are my spoiled babies for sure. We are leaving for Utah tomorrow morning and returning Monday around 7:00pm. Even though we have family checking on them and they have each other for company, I always feel so guilty when I leave them! I make sure to leave some clothes out for them to lay on, and they don't seem worse for wear when we return, but I just want to cry!

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. . .
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Mine get really mad at me everytime I get the suitcase out of the closet.....at least the older ones that have seen it before and know what it means. They are always fine when we get home, and I worry the whole time. My vet tech comes over to the house each day and I will call her if I'm gone for more than a few days.

So call your family and find out how they are doing while you are away!! They will think you are nuts, but will then realize you are just a cat-person! LOL

Try to have a great trip - Utah is spectacular!!
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I always ask my family to sit and watch TV or have a snack for a little while when they check on my cats. I know they do a good job of making sure they have plenty of food and water, but the boys are scairdy-cats and won't come out for a while when some one new comes in the house. So I ask my family to just wait till they come out of hiding to make sure they're ok.

Even tho they have each other for company, I set up some new games for them to discover. I'll bring out their turbo-ball when I leave, or set up a box with balls in it.
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I know what you mean - I have not gone on vacation since I got Loki 3 years ago. Pathetic huh?!?
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LOL I keep saying we need to save up and buy a Winnebago, so we can take the cats on vacation with us! The kittie-mobile!
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Oh i can sooo relate to this one!.

On christmas day i fly out to Lanzarote for one week.
Rosie goes into a cattery who i've used before and i "still" break my heart when i leave her!!.

Even though i know she'll be well looked after, warm, well fed and the owner always makes sure the cats get their cuddles while their owners are away, i still feel a cruel mother for leaving her!.

Tears are coming to my eyes now as i'm typing this.

I cant wait to come back and i'm not there yet! LOL.

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Axl went into a cattery last time my dad went on holiday, I was in the middle of moving house and couldn't have him. I felt so guilty, I phoned the cattery, I worried, he had a whale of a time. He finally put on some weight so my dad's feeding him the same stuff they did. He'll be making a return trip when my dad goes on holiday next, they did such a good job looking after him.
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