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I Don't Quite Know How to Explain It

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There's something that I have noticed both cats do. It's something that I haven't figured out what triggers it or why it happens.

They're both indoor cats and don't venture outside except on a lead. They're both healthy, worm free, worm free and are very active.

Anyhow, on occasion they will sniff something, it can be the wall, the Christmas tree that we bought last week, the floor, the fish tank or the mirror and they seem to go into a trance of sorts. They get a look like they're on the Catnip Ride of Fun and open their mouths and pant. Sometimes even DROOL!!! And then they roll over the area or rub it.

At first, I thought, Ok...it must have been because of the scent of another animal but I'm pretty sure I've eliminated all those since I've gone round the house twice with enzyme cleaners and a UV light. Then I thought ok, traces of catnip but they only ever have the catnip near the catpost or at their feeding area. And I can't explain the Christmas tree or mirror. And the last tenants that lived in this house had dogs so I don't think it could possibly be the scent of another cat. And both of them have never been up to Caped Crusader, (stray that I've been befriending and feeding) and vice versa.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions? It's not that I'm worried, I'm just puzzled. Probably just as puzzled as they get when I sit down and happily read a book. To them, it's just paper. Surely that can't be fascinating!
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mine do this too,not sure why though
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I love the expressions they get on their face when doing this (and when my horse would do it...), it's called the Flehmen Response, and you can read more about it here

Article on flehmen response
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Curiouser and curiouser....it does explain it.

And I don't think I'm going to think of catnip in the same way again after that article either.
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My cats do this as well.

Thanks for the article.Very interesting.
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All my cats do this as well and there is a reason for it. Cats have a scent gland in their mouths. When they do that, they are just getting a better wiff of what they just smelled. It does however, leave some pretty interesting expressions on their faces.
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Mine do it after they clean their butts
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I've never noticed Jeepers doing it, she doesn't seem interested in catnip either. The article was very interesting.
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one of my cats does that, too, when she's sniffing new people or something new in the house. we call it her "evil face." her mouth goes open a little and it's like her tongue is sticking out, and her ears go flat against her head and her eyes get huge. it's rather funny actually.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Mine do it after they clean their butts
Sicy, that's pretty fuuny. I have never seen mine do that after licking their own, but they have done it after sniffing one of the other kitties butt's. I haven't seen Amber do this yet however.
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