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Hi everyone!!!

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Well I'm a new member, and I own 2 cats which by the way are "brats". Haha! They've brought joy to my life and I absolutely love their company. Kolohe (hawaiian name, means naughty) is a female, black long hair, 8 1/2 months old. She's such a priss I tell yah. And Koa (hawaiian name, means daring/bold) is a male, orange tabby, 8 months old, and also a Polydactyl. He has 6 claws on his front paws. He is very cuddly, but just loves to push your buttons.
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I'm so sorry, but I wanted to make the pictures a little more bigger and clear. Still learning how to post pics. Let me try this again.
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Hi & Welcome to TCS Erin! I love your kitties names and also your kitties, they are gorgeous.
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Hello Erin!!

Welcome to TCS!! Kolohe and Koa look absolutely adorable! How could you possibly call them brats? I'm looking forward to hear what sort of fun they get up to.
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Their gorgeous Erin.
My baby is called Rosie, and she's a right little madam when she wants to be!. People in my office say i have her spoilt, but i wouldnt have her any other way!!!.

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Welcome to TCS and enjoy your stay . Your have some pretty cute looking kitties there
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Welcome to the site Erin! You have a couple of adorable kitties. Of course, you know that's how they get away with being brats - how can you stay mad at those little faces?!?! LOL
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Welcome to you and your kitties to the site
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Thanks everyone for welcoming me! Oh they're brats alright. Hehehe! I just bought them a cat tree and they love the very top of the bed. They fight for that spot sometimes, usually Kolohe will squeeze herself right beside Koa. And the darn bed isn't even that roomy. So you'll see either one of them hang off to one side. LOL! Koa bites me all the time, especially when he's hungry. He even bit through one of Bryan's (my husband) entertainment systems wire. So now that speaker don't work. My husband was pissed, of course. Anyhoo, there's a whole lot more stories I'd like to share. I'm sure there's another section for that though. Take care everyone and enjoy the rest of your day.
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Hi there, your kitties are gorgeous.
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you and your family.
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Love your kitties & their original names!

Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome
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