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Hey guys, I could use some assistance

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Would you please just pray that I can be a complete witness and forgive a grievous wrong done to me recently? I have prayed about it, but I am still so angry and I go back to God again and again about it, but the anger remains. That is all I can or want to say about it. God knows the struggle, I just need assistance. Thank you to all who are willing to send out a good word about it.
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Hissy - I'll be happy to pray for you. I hope you feel better soon.
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Hissy: anger is a hard thing to pack away and keep in perspective. I am sorry that you are struggling so with this issue. You stike me as a loving and caring person, so someone must have hurt you badly, and for that I am sorry. I am SURE you did not deserve that. I will add you to my prayers - and ask God to ease your burdens.
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Hissy my thoughts and prayers are with you as well.
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Oh Hissy... I have wondered where you have been.
I am always thinking of you and will give you my hope
that things will get better. I am sorry that you are
dealing with this. You are a beautiful and wonderful

Please let me know if you need anything.

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Maurene; When we are deeply hurt by someone we once believed to be a"Friend" it is a hurt to the bone. One of the hardest things that The Lord asks us to do is "pray for our enemies". He also says to forget the wrong. Not to dwell on it. Sometimes, I think; we try too hard to forget and this "over trying" keeps the wound open. We have to learn to lay our burdens down; to, in fact, turn them over to our God and let him carry them. It is a simple prayer, but one that has helped me: Lord, Jesus, You know the hatred I try not to carry toward (whomever) and You know the countless prayers for forgiveness and understanding I have offered up to You. I can not lay aside this anger without Your help, and so I am here asking You to take it from me and wash me clean as before it happened. Restore my trust in old friends and in those I have yet to meet. Help me to walk away untarnished and trusting as before. Most of all make me proud to be (your name) and worthy of Your Love.

I will pray for you to find healing and restored pride.

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Prayers are being sent and we will help you through this difficult time. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

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you have my support and I am sending you good auras to help you through your time of anger - it is hard to forgive sometimes, I don't always succeed myself.
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Hissy!!! I have been SO worried about you! Just ask Anne!! I wanted to e-mail you and ask what was wrong, but didn't want to butt in if you didn't want to explain it. I love you very much, and I have already been praying for you, ever since Anne said you were going through a difficult time. I don't know what has happened, but if you want to call me, or e-mail me and talk, please do. if not, I respect that, and will pray for you and hope everything turns out okay for you!!!!!! I know being done wrong, especially if it was by someone you trusted, can hurt like h*ll. I went through that recently, (6 months ago) with my x-best friend. She said so many things to me in an e-mail that hurt be beyond beleif, and I still have to pray every day to God, to take the bad feelings away that I have for her. I love you, MaryAnne, and I will ALWAYS be here for you!!!
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My prayers are with you too. Sometimes people can hurt us so badly that it seems the scars will never heal.

Injustice is so hard to deal with that we have to let God deal with it for we are not up to the task. For me, letting go of anger is the hardest thing that I have to do.

God bless you.
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Also, Darlene....what you said was beautiful, and so true....we need to reach out to God to help us take the hurt away, even though it seems we pray over and over again to be forgiven for the same mistakes (like thinking bad of the person who has hurt us) but when compared to what Jesus forgave(the people who nailed his hands and feet to a tree) it seems pretty small of us not to be able to forgive the people who have hurt us. But it is SO hard sometimes!!!!! The devil just keeps throwing it up in our faces..."well, so and so did this to you, and said that to you....how can you forgive THAT!????"
We just have to keep praying, and letting God know we are still willing and trying to forgive, but we still need his help.
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I'm saddened to learn you are in a bad place just now. I shall, indeed, say prayers for you that you may find a way out — that you can find the light, climb into its presence and be healed. You are a fine person and are undeserving of such suffering! Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you need a further shoulder to lean upon.

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You are in my prayers Hissy. I hope everything goes well with you and things will be made better. We miss you I will definitely send more than a few prayers your way.
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