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Any one else with a pushy cat?

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Oh my Jordan was up to his old tricks again yesterday. He just recently dicovered he has grown big enough to jump on the kitchen counter. Well yesterday while I was taking a nap he discovered the top of the refrigerator is very close to the top of the counter. I woke up to cat treats, bags of chips & the other odds & ends I HAD on top of the fridge being pushed to the ground. I've seen him do this before & when Jordan has his mind made up that he wants to sit somewhere nothing is going to stop him. Luckily he didn't push anythign breakable off, but now the top of the fridge is a lot cleaner than it used to be.
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Well, my cat Anastasia always likes to sleep on my pillow, so she always tries to push me off it at night, she's pushed off some other things too. (My mom says she's just clearing up space for sleep, but sometimes I think that she likes to see us clean stuff up).
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Chewy is very pushy. If he wants something, or somewhere, he will try his best and woe be to me if I try to change his mind. We get into some very good battles of will.
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Oh, yes.

Check this out - My Mr. Underfoot...
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Oh my gosh, I was just about to post about this exact type of behavior. Jordan is a very trim fit cat, but my other guy Levi is only 9 month old & already has a belly on him. So yesterday I started a feeding schedual. According to the vet they are only supposed to be getting 1/2 cup a day. So in the morning I gave them each 1/4 cup, which they ate. Well I came home & my boxes of tea that were left on top of the fridge had been pushed off A bottle of liquor (which is now in the fridge) was turned on it's side & a bag of soup mix I had accidently left out on top of the microwave had been opened & spread all over the table. Now I wasn't there for it, but Levi can't (or won't) get on top of the fridge & chances are good he was not the one to open the soup mix. Also, last night Jordan knocked over the garbage can (luckily I had just changed the bag) twice. So my question for you is did you stick with the feeding schedual & if so how long before your kitty was over the destructive phase?
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My Max does exactly the same thing! I'll wake up on a tiny corner of the pillow with his paw in my eye! My husband thinks this is the funniest thing he has ever seen.

And anyway, aren't all cats pushy?
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Amber is very pushy. If she wants to lay down somehwere and there are things in her way, she just pushes them away. She was on top of our kitchen cabinets once and she pushed something off just as I walked by and it fell on my head! Luckily, the item was light and my head was fine
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The worst that mine ever got was a wooden chest of silver that was on top of my refridgerator (safe there, eh?). It was REALLY heavy (to the point my husband had to lift it off), and while on vacation, someone managed to PUSH that onto the floor.....shattering the wooden box (which was a wedding present) and scattering the silverware. Thank heavens the linoleum that it fell on was about to be replace anyway (holes all over it).

Yep, I'd say mine are pushy also!
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Pushy? Well let's see...

We have a cornerpiece thingy...I don't know what it's called and there's glass on it. That used to be Russell's prime spot. Since there was nothing on it, it became the appointed home for an aquarium.

We set it up with the pump running and no fish. Well, Russell complained. He whined, he growled at the tank and he hissed at it and swatted it. This, despite that he still had over half to the area that was still his. I refused to give in. It was a battle of the wills. And if looks could kill, I'd be a pile of dust!

Anyway, then we got the fish. Now it's all changed. The fish are his and I'm just the caretaker of the fish.
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I broke down and abandoned the feeding schedule. I ended up follow Sammie's suggestion in that thread, which was to leave a small amount of food out during the day - not too much, but enough to keep him from feeling deprived. I give him a little canned food every night with his meal as a treat, too, which seems to help. It seems to have worked pretty well - Mr. Underfoot has lost some weight, and the vet says he looks better.

For the garbage can - I keep it in a childproof cabinet under the sink, having given up on using cat-repellent spray, which seems to have no effect on him. His food-seeking behavior did improve after I went back to leaving food out for him. Whew!
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Simba pushes everything off of the nightstand by our bed every night. Well, now he doesn't, because he finally has me trained not to put anything there at all. I have to hide my glasses at night, because for some reason he LOVES to push them off of whatever they are sitting on. I have a basket full of hair scrunchies that he ignores; I hide my glasses in there each night.
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Amy Shojai had a great suggestion for knocking stuff of furniture to a question in the 'sharing golden moments' forum - she called it 'playing gravity experiments' or something like that.

She said to try double-sided sticky tape to keep the pets off surfaces you don't want them on, and to try a stick-um stuff used in earthquake territory to secure breakables so they don't fall when they're bumped.
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Every single night , I have the same conversation with Coal.

Yes, you can come up here in between us.
Yes, you can get under the covers.
No, I don't want to sniff your butt.
Really, I don't.
Move that butt or I will move it for you.
(He moves)
(A minute later)
Move that butt, Coal.
That's it, you're going to the foot of the bed.
(Coal flees like I am going to kill him)

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Last night I gave in on the feeding schedual because at 3:15 AM Jordan knocked a box of crakcers off the top of the fridge (I have very little cabinet space & had no where else to go with it). 3:20 AM He knocked off a bottle of kitty laxitive. 3:25 he jumps down & starts chewing on the cracker box. 3:30 he knocks over the garbage can & starts digging in it. I had enough & went & threw food in both bowls & went back to bed. He was good the rest of the night.
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This has been really useful, Guinness has become quite aggro just recently and has actually hurt either myself or Pam. Water doesn't do the trick, sometimes throwing the ball across his field of vision works but not always. Just tried the bathroom trick and he's quietened down a little now although he has now discovered that loo roll can be pulled off and can make some fun stuff to play in! Think it will just take time and he will calm down a little more, if not hopefully his trip to the vets in february will calm him down.

Also, what is this Feliway spray and how does rescue remedy work?
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Oh yes, pushy indeed! Every night, I line up three half-liter bottles of Ozarka water on my nightstand (yes, I drink a LOT of water). Every night, my silly little girlkitty, Pearl, hops up onto the nightstand and methodically knocks them off in perfectly-timed sequence: One. Two. Three.

A couple of weeks into this behavior, I decided to put the Ozarka bottles on the bottom shelf of the nightstand instead, so they wouldn't be such a temptation to her. I climbed into bed and settled down for the night, only to be awakened awhile later by a plaintive meow.

I sat up and there was Pearl, seated primly beside the nightstand. "Meow," she repeated, and looked pointedly at the bottles on the bottom shelf.

"Yes, darlin," I told her, "that's where they live now."

She stood up and put her front paws on the top of the nightstand, giving me a look of wide-eyed entreaty. "Meow!"

Well, gosh. What could I do? I put the bottles back on top of the nightstand and Pearl proceeded to knock them off one by one. Then she hopped up on the bed and curled in beside me to sleep.

I am just hopelessly in love with that little girl!
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Well, despite his nickname of Pushy, Pushkin is actually a push-over instead. He's the well behaved one while Wiggies terrorizes his humans on a nightly basis.
Pushy gives way to Wiggies and lets him eat first, even though he's way bigger than Wiggies! And he'll give up the best sleeping spot if Wiggies comes along.
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You know reading this post again 2 years (& 2 more cats) later, I can't believe I ever used to keep food on top of my fridge. It's funny all the changes I've made in my appartment to accomidate my cats. My last cat was 17 1/2 & had been sick for 2 years and I had forgotten what young cats were like. Now I foget what it was like to sleep through the night without being woken up at least once by the wresting matches.
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