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Finally home!

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Well, the kids and I finally got home from Austin this afternoon. What should have been a 3 hour trip turned into a 5 hour trip. About 20 minutes from home, there was a terrible accident on the interstate, only about 100 yards from us. The accident was on an overpass, so the traffic just stopped in its tracks for an hour and a half. They had to bring in Careflight to take the people to the hospital. When we finally got to drive on, we saw the car that wrecked. It was just horrible! It looked like a ball of metal, you couldn't even tell it was a car. I wonder what they were doing to wreck so badly. That part of the interstate hardly has any traffic. I'm glad we didn't go through any sooner. The people in the cars ahead of me were running to the wreck to help because no emergency vehicles were there yet.

Anyway, our weekend was great! I gained 5 pounds eating all the food we made. It was wonderful, but I'm glad to be home.
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Glad you and your family are home safely and you had a great time. Its too bad about that horrible accident. I hope the people who were involved came out of it alive but it doesnt sound too good.
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Isn't it odd how just a few seconds can make such a difference in one's life. It doesn't sound like you missed this accident by much. I am so glad you and your family are safe. Let us hope that this family will be OK.
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Welcome home! :flower:
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I am so glad you made it home safely!!!!!!
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Dawn, I'm so glad you're safe and well and had a great time!!!
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You know...it's odd but over the years I have noticed that when I got held up by some event when starting a run somewheres;I often found a wreck or a bad storm or something along the way. Upon sitting down and considering..my normal schedule would have put me right in the middle of it. Maybe God puts these little annoyances in our way purposely? Perhaps the people in the wreck just didn't heed the warning?? I don't know the answer..I'm just glad He has looked after me.
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Yes, Kittyfoot. I agree with that exactly. It reminds me of that song by Amy Grant - Angels Watching Over Me. There were definitely angels watching over us yesterday.
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