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How are contest winners announced? Where?

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I know we have that contest where you make the boy and cat disappear and then enter to win a cat furniture piece. When we have these types of contests, how do we know when and who wins? Where are winners announced?

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The results of these contests are announced on the Meowhoo website.
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Actually the winners of the contests are announced here in this forum, and also in our newsletter KittyBytes. All winners are notified by email as well. The different games that are played on Meowhoo, the winners are announced in our second newsletter MeowMews which is launched off of that site, not this one.
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Oops! I meant newsletter. It comes as HTML for me and well...

I'm having one of those days.
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My brain is dead too, so hope I get these right-

Contest Winners 2003-

*Jan- Name that Contest- valanhb- antique cat plate

*Feb-Trivia Contest-Christi Hall- yr subscription Cats&Kittens Magazine

*March-Name our Newsletter- Kimward-box of cat related gifts

*April- Paint Kitty Contest- Deb25's daughter Allie-LorieD and Kimward

*May-board game- gurl power- cat pin courtesy of catsplay.com

*June- Multiple Choice- sicycat- coasters and keepsake box by maryo studios

*July- Trivia Contest -pollyanna-cat book complete care for aging cat

*July Mini-Contest- name our new section- Nora- "Cat-Snips" mini basket from Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Gifts

*August- Paint Contest #2- Bphreekee/ Momof10 /blondiecat/sicycat

*Sept- Anniversary Month- Trivia Contest- Shell- Cat Bed-
winners from random draw-Cocoa Maui- Jin-Kass-Christy-Kellye-Heidi-Mom of Many-Susan-jgaruba-shell-tuxedo kitties-princess purr-kumbulu-wellington cats- two won and declined the prize which was Build your own Cat Condo CD.

*Oct-True/False cat Nutrition Quiz- suzy won, and then donated the prize to House of Cats!- prize a year's worth of purina cat chow indoor formula.

*Nov- Pat & Alix- the playground/cat condo from Feline Furniture Company
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How do I get to websites you mentioned. I use to get news letter from one of them until I changed ISP's. How do I get back on list?

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Shirrell what website? I mentioned many? Just go to Google and do a search for the store name you want or check out our ads in the Market Place on on the whole website in general most of the websites mentioned here, advertise on here or on Meowhoo. Then contact them and ask to be put on their newsletter.
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