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Victoria will be crossing the Bridge today. I went to the SPCA to update Petfinder this afternoon, and was told she hasn't eaten in 5 days. They've tried her on liquids and even tried tube feeding her, but she won't take in or hold down anything but water. The vet examined her and said that she is dying. The shelter manager asked me what I wanted to do; he had not made a decision, since he had promised us he would not. He said she is very, very weak and can barely pick up her head. I told him to go ahead and let her go, but to please let her know she was loved, and that we did all we could for her.

For those who may not have seen my post of Tori a few weeks back, we had been in to update Petfinder one day when a woman came in with a 10 year old front declawed Calico cat she wanted put down because it was throwing up a lot. She refused to allow the cat to be put up for adoption. Tybalt talked her out of turning the cat in, and we took her. We brought her to a vet, and $100 later we were told she was fine. He gave us some pills to help with any stomach irritation.

We brought her home and put her in isolation from the other kitties, and had her there for a week. She never once threw up. However, she growled and hissed constantly, even when she was purring and giving headbumps. I called the vet and explained her condition, and he said he had found nothing wrong with her, that she was "just adjusting". We tried to introduce her to the other cats and she went ballistic. No way she could be in a multi-cat household.

We spoke with the shelter manager, who agreed to take her in and see if she could be adopted. It was understood that if the shelter became overcrowded, we would take her back. However, within a day of bringing her to the shelter, she develpoped a URI and was placed in the medical holding area, where she has been since. She has steadily gone downhill.

Goodbye, Tori Girl, I wish we could have saved you. We gave you a few more weeks than your previous owner would have, for what that's worth. I wish you could have stayed with us and didn't spend your last days in a cage. Even though I only knew you briefly, I still love you and I will miss you. Be at peace, sweetheart, and feel young and healthy again. Chase the butterflies. I'm sure we'll meet again one day.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Poor girl. I'm so glad she had you and Tybalt in her life in her last weeks though, she knew love.
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Oh nooooo . I am so sorry Sue , that poor baby . RIP sweet girl
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I'm sorry Sue (((((****hugs****)))). She was a beautiful baby and you did all you could for her.
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I am very sorry for the loss of this sweet kitty.... But it gives me comfort to know that she is at the Rainbow Bridge now with the other cats and is frolicking and without the pain that she had in this life.... Sue I thank You and Tybalt for helping this little baby while she had a little time here on Earth. RIP little Victoria
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You did everything you could, Sue, and she did know your kindness and love in her last weeks. I'm sure she would thank for that if she could.

Rest in peace little one, and know always that you were loved.
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Sue - that is so good of you 2 to help this little kitty. Obviously there was something deeply wrong.

You did the merciful thing, and it's a brave thing to have to do.

Thanks for caring.
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I'm sorry for Victoria's loss! There's nothing more you could have done to help.. Thanks for being her friend!

RIP Tori!
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Thank you, my friends, for your kind words. They mean a lot. I told Tybalt this afternoon, and we had a cry over her.
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I'm so sorry! Don't feel bad....I just cried with you too!
((((((((((((((((((((HUGS to Sue & Tybalt))))))))))))))))))))))))

May you frolick at that Bridge Tori. You'll truly be missed!
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RIP Victoria dear.

What you did was the best you could for her. She'a at peace now and she won't forget your kindness to her.

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Add my tears to the bucket. You gave her love and I'm sure she knew it. And now she's released from her pain. Be gentle with yourself. You did what you could.
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Sue, you have been an angel!.

And as for the previous owner,i bet if you had offered her the $100 for her she would have bit your hand off!!.

Susan x
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She had you and knew she was loved.
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Thank you for caring. I'm sure victoria felt your love.
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