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Before and After

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This is Freckles when we first TNR'd her and was just beginning to take care of her:

This is Freckles after being spayed and fed on a regular basis. She looks SO much better!

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Wow she sure has filled in nicely!! Life sure is easier when she dosen't have to worry about raing kittens and when she is able to go to sleep with fully tummy!

Thanks for taking care of this sweety.
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What a great change , you can tell on the pic that she is doing a lot better now . May I also say that she is a very pretty girl .
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What a wonderful example of what some love and care can do for these guys. It helps confirm that we are doing the right thing here ...thanks for sharing

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She's filled out nicely! Of course, we already know what a great job you're doing. But we do love so much seeing these pics. It helps keep all of us going.
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What a great job, she is beautiful
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Great job.She looks much better,such a beauty.

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Well done!

You've done and still doing a great job. She's filled out nicely and looks even more cuddly. And who's in the background? He looks like he's licking his lips!
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