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A Thoughful Gesture

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Thought I would share a nice thing that recently happened.

I have been buying all of Nakita's food at a local small animal food store. I usually go on Sunday's when the store isn't too busy and I started to talk to the owner of the store.

A couple of months ago, she started talking about needing info for various animal related topics (ie: food nutrition, health, feral management etc.) so I said I would email a couple of links from Stray Pet Advocacy and other sources.

Rob stopped by last month to pick up some wet food for Nakita, and he came back with a gift for Nakita! The store owner wanted to thank me for the info I provided, so she sent a package of goodies for Nakita (treats, new products etc.)! I've never had an owner of a store I buy things from, give me anything free! As you can tell, I was happily surprised!

Unfortunately, Nakita didn't like the treats (even though they are the store's #1 best seller). Nakita is sooo picky! This weekend, I had to go get some more wet food, and I brought back the treats to the store owner, since I figured her cat's could eat them. She felt so bad that Nakita didn't like her treats, that she gave me free canned food for Nakita for the month!

I love this store and the manager.

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Wow, that is wonderful! There are not enough people in this world like that!
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that sounds really good! I'm glad you have such a store in your neighbourhood!
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It is wonderful to find such caring store owners!
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Holy moly what a great store!!!
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Wow! That is so great! That is right, there should be more people like that in the world!
Does Nakita like the canned food?
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Yey!!!! There are good people out there . . . just a shame there aren't more of them. You hit lucky there Kass, what a sweet person - and I bet they didn't need to go on a signle customer service course; for some it just comes naturally.
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Wow! That is wonderful! I hope Nakita likes the food! That was so very nice of them!
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It's too bad that things like this happen so rarely!

I will also be forwarding a nice letter to the company's head office so they know what a great job she is doing.

Yes Pollyanna, Nakita loves her wet food!

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That's fantastic! How Lovely!
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That is so nice. Good to know that there are still some nice people out there.
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